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In Case of an Emergency

Ambulance - In case of an Emergency

I was happy to be asked to write a short article about my recent experiences. I’m so glad my husband thought to create an Emergency Card.  I now have one and so do all my children and my grandchildren.

I had never really considered what would happen if I had an accident and there was no one with me? Who would know who I was, what my health conditions were or who  should be contacted?

Accidents can happen to anyone, any age, anywhere at anytime, out for a walk, a car journey, sport, at school, shopping or, as in my husbands case at home.

I thought only people with specific medical conditions carried a Medical Alert card e.g. “In case of emergency: Autism“, “In case of emergency: Diabetes”, “In case of emergency allergy” etc.  However, my husband had multiple problems so having  one card covering all relevant information about his diabetes, hearing and hypertension was perfect.

Emergency service personnel are trained to look for identification. They told me that carrying a physical emergency card, in your wallet, pocket, phone case, is still the most reliable.  The information on the emergency card saved valuable minutes  helping a faster diagnosis and the start of appropriate treatment.

I urge everyone to create a medical emergency card even if they have no current illnesses.  Just include your name and the name and contact details of who to contact in case of an emergency.  If you are a carer fill one in and add the details of the person who is reliant on you for support.

My story:

My husband was recovering well from major surgery, he went up to bed for an afternoon rest.  A couple of hours later I went to take him a cup of tea and found I couldn’t wake him.

I immediately called 999 and the ambulance crew were with us within 20 minutes. They started asking me questions about his surgery and his medications.  I was too flustered to be sure I’d remembered everything but gave them his Emergency Card.

The paramedic was so impressed.  He said “everyone should have one of these”.  He had everything he needed and then just asked me specific questions.

Covid restrictions meant I wasn’t able to go to the hospital, however I got a call from the Accident and Emergency doctor, as my contact details were on his Emergency Card, and I was able to let him know what had happened.

I’m happy to say that my husband is recovering well and we have updated his personal health record with the latest information about his trip to hospital and the treatment he received.

This new information is available via a QR code on his emergency card, he doesn’t even need to reprint it. This more detailed information helps staff know and understand  his specific needs. for example that he is vegetarian, and is partially deaf, not something that would be obvious and could lead to misinterpreting a lack of response, also his fear of needles.

I have now created my own  MyLiferaft Emergency Card and am loving it and as it is Free I’m loving it even more.

NH: Isle of Wight

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