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Who is a carer?

At MyLiferaft, we understand the vital role of a carer in supporting individuals in their daily lives. Whether it’s a neighbour assisting with shopping, a dedicated family member providing care, or a professional caregiver offering support, we recognise and value the contributions of all caregivers. To us, a carer is anyone who plays a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being and quality of life of those they support.

Carers: Care with confidence

Less Stress: Alleviate the challenges and pressures faced as a caregiver.

Use digital tools that help you manage your caregiving responsibilities with ease and ensure your well being and that of the person you are supporting.

Explore the MyLifraft digital tools that can help you provide care and support to others whilst also caring for yourself.

Making life better for carers

You just want to provide the best support and care, but increasing care responsibilities can feel overwhelming, becoming harder to manage and balance with other commitments. 

Use MyLiferaft’s digital tools, too be better supported, informed and empowered, in your caregiving role. Obtain greater understanding of support available for yourself and the person you care for, access tools to help co-ordinate the support with others and monitor and update key needs, appointments and more.

Streamlined. Digital tools to empower caregivers


Reduce the stress of hospital discharge with one simple app


Your health tool to navigate the challenges of ageing

Emergency Card

Your lifeline during an emergency

Up to 50% of medicines are not taken as intended.

1 in 3 over 65s have at least one fall a year – this can be prevented with the right support

Myra App

myra App

Be informed and confident supporting someone leaving hospital.  The App equips you to facilitate a smooth discharge. Covering topics such as understanding benefits, equipment, medication, who does what in the hospital/community, medication management, staying well.

Keeping care on track with the MyLiferaft App


With the MyLiferaft App, capture essential care information covering communication preferences, mobility levels, dietary needs, behavior patterns, personal hygiene routines, and daily living activities for the person you support.


Input and share upcoming appointments, tests, and consultations, creating a centralised schedule for all in the care circle. Intelligent reminders reduce the risk of missing crucial health appointments.

Personalised resources & services

Tailored to your needs, the app empowers you, the carer, to prioritise your own health and well-being. The resources feed has information to ensure you receive the help you need, be it, emotional support, or practical solutions. 

Carers emergency card

Emergency care plan for family carers

If you find yourself suddenly unable to fulfill your caregiving responsibilities, MyLifeRaft’s Emergency Card is your lifeline. This card communicates to emergency services your needs and identifies that someone depends on you, offering crucial details about your caregiving role.

Outline the support you provide and specify your preferences if you’re unable to carry out your caregiving duties. This ensures the person you care for receives the necessary support during your absence.

As a caregiver, having a well-thought-out plan is essential.

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