Unexpected illness can happen at any time. Our easy to create Emergency Card is for everyone and can be a life saver telling others:

  • Who you are
  • Who to contact in case of emergency: next of kin, carer, GP
  • Health conditions you have, including allergies
  • What medication you are taking
  • If you are a carer or have a pet at home who needs taking care of
  • More detailed information about your health and care needs can be accessed via a scannable QR code printed on the card. You choose what to add so are always in control.

Advanced electronic QR code for emergency services.

Members of the ambulance, fire, police, NHS services can scan the card with their phones and see the detailed information you have added about your medications and illnesses seeing more than just what fits on a small card. You can choose to activate/deactivate this feature.

The emergency card sits within the personal healthcare support app, called MyLiferaft. Once you have your account you can create your Free Emergency card and explore  all the other great features that are available in the MyLiferaft app. 




“I was so grateful I’d created a card for my mother, she fell when out shopping and thanks to her having the card I was contacted quickly and the first responders identified her as a diabetic but also as someone with dementia.  Something that isn’t always obvious when you first meet her!” J.K. Hertfordshire.

“My son was taken to hospital after a biking accident, I wasn’t at home. Having his emergency card meant the hospital staff immediately understood he had special needs and had access to the information they needed to reduce his stress and anxiety, they knew who to contact and who his GP was.”  M.T Yorkshire.