Medical conditions or Medications

Letting others know about a medical condition can save vital minutes in an emergency.

Be prepared – don’t wait till the accident happens.


Always have access to a list of your medications directly from your card. Keep the list updated if medication changes. You can also set reminders to help you remember to take your medication.

Who else is it for?


Create your FREE emergency card for yourself or others, giving services vital information about your health and conditions, in times of an emergency.

An Elderly Relative

Knowing you can be contacted in an emergency brings peace of mind and knowing that important information is immediately available to the Emergency Services.

What people are saying…

“I was so grateful I’d created a card for my mother, she fell when out shopping and thanks to her having the emergency card I was contacted quickly and the first responders identified her as a diabetic but also as someone with dementia. Something that isn’t always obvious when you first meet her!”

J.K. Hertfordshire.

“I had to call the ambulance as my husband was unconscious. I gave them the emergency card as I couldn’t accompany him to hospital. This saved valuable minutes and the paramedic said everyone should have one”

N.M. Isle of Wight

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Security of your information is paramount, which is why you remain in control of who you share information with. We do not use personal data for marketing purposes or disclose it to any third party, unless you authorise this. To help keep information secure, anything you type into the MyLiferaft website is converted from English into a code that is randomly selected by the computer.

This code is not recognised by anything other than the computers that operate MyLiferaft (256-bit SSL technology). We use a number of ‘firewalls’ which act like security guards helping to filter out unauthorised access to your data. We have multiple layers of firewalls protecting your data and they are regularly updated and tested to ensure they are protecting the system. 

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