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MyLiferaft offers an affordable solution for employers to actively support and recognise working carers in their workforce, with plans tailored for companies of all sizes. By empowering all employees to manage their health and well-being, MyLiferaft enhances productivity and reduces absenteeism.

Supporting Working Carers for a Healthier, Happier Workforce

  • 1 in 7 employees are likely to have caring responsibilities at home. This is growing as the elderly population rises and many will require care from a relative
  • More than 1 in 5 carers will either reduce their working hours or stop working altogether, because they are juggling work and care
  • Many who leave their jobs will be people who are trained, valuable employees. It costs circa £30,000 to replace an employee
  • Carers have a higher than average rate of both mental and physical illness as a result of caring

Supporting and recognising your working carers will...

  • Improve performance and commitment to your organisation
  • Decrease staff turnover
  • Enable you to keep valuable skills and experience
  • Reduce the levels and costs of sickness absences
  • Demonstrate your company is a caring company which will encourage talent to join you

MyLiferaft is an online tool helping employees:

Getting Started in Two Steps:

  1. Purchase Licenses: Costs based on employee numbers.
  2. Distribute Licenses: Publicity material and MyLiferaft help desk included.


Additional Services:

  • Company Branded Portal
  • Recognition Plaque: Showcase your commitment to supporting carers.

To discuss your requirements, learn more or book a demonstration please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team will be happy to help.