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Health and Social Care

MyLiferaft supports the Health and Social Care industry to enhance services and promote community well-being. Our platform, available through licensing agreements, empowers individuals to actively engage in their health journey. 

Empowering Healthcare through Innovative Technology

Health and social care services play a vital role in promoting public health through education and offering assistance to those in need. The integration of technology, including apps and comprehensive health records, aims to streamline services, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency in the health and social care sector.


Available through agreements, MyLiferaft licences support population-wide access, providing crucial data on community needs.

Platform Integration

MyLiferaft sits outside existing IT infrastructure, ensuring seamless support and optional integrations, such as with NHS systems.

Population Insights:

Accounts offer valuable data, aiding in understanding community needs and evaluating the effectiveness of current services.

AI-Driven Signposting:

MyLiferaft utilises AI to intelligently recommend and connect users with local services based on specific criteria.

Custom Development

Collaborate with us to create tailored forms, questionnaires, and surveys, with built-in permissions to respect user data preferences.

Data Analytics

Organisations can purchase analytics to gain insights into population health, identify service gaps, and evaluate performance on a national or local level.

Features of the MyLiferaft Mobile App

Your digital guide to ageing well


Complete digital self-assessments to understand your health status, and determine any possible risks that can be actioned to help keep you healthy and safe.

Health Goals & Action Plans

Help reduce your risk of hospitalisation by completing actions to help keep you healthy and safe, such as following fall prevention advice and implementing healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Medication Management 

Never miss a dose. Receive intelligent reminders to take your medication and utilise tools to manage your prescription. 

Personalised Resources & Services

View tailored health and wellbeing resources for ageing well and explore a local directory of services and support in your area.

Appointment Reminders

Stay organised with reminders for medical appointments and essential tasks, ensuring you never miss an important health checkup.

Support Circle

Foster a connected care circle. Share relevant information with family members or caregivers, allowing for informed and supportive assistance.

What professionals are saying

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