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MyLiferaft collaborates with various not-for-profit organisations, providing tailored accounts to enhance the well-being of those they support. Our platform, versatile and cost-effective, allows charities to integrate bespoke features, creating apps that cater to specific needs.

Transforming Lives Together

MyLiferaft has been designed to be used by everyone either as an individual with a long-term care need or if you are a caring for a loved one, for example a parent caring for SEN child or a spouse caring for their partner who has dementia.  MyLiferaft does not limit itself to any one group of people and we believe that this flexibility is one of our many strengths.

Understanding budget constraints in the charitable sector, MyLiferaft offers a financially viable solution. Charities can purchase licenses to offer bespoke features, such as condition-specific health passports or emergency cards, amplifying the support for their clients.

MyLiferaft broadens the outreach of these organisations by incorporating signposting to their resources. Through trigger words and data, we connect users with relevant services, ensuring a preventative and supportive approach.

MyLiferaft App

Your digital guide to ageing well

Emergency Card

Your lifeline during an emergency

Resources App

Your roadmap from hospital to home

To discuss your requirements, learn more or book a demonstration please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team will be happy to help.

Phone:  03302 231192