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MyLiferaft Features

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Start to build a picture, select what is important to you.

  • Personal information: Life story, faith, address, photo
  • Health information: Record hospital/GP visits, operations, test results, allergies, medications, blood group, hearing, vision, teeth and more..
  • Care Information: Communication, mobility, eating, meals, behaviour, toilet, washing, dressing, getting up, bedtime, overnight.
  • Social: Likes/dislikes, travel, education


Add contacts, invite them to to see parts/all of your information. Stop sharing at any time. Select what you share. Set up relationships to help identify key people in your life.


Select from the many trackers to help you monitor and understand  aspects of your life  e.g weight, blood pressure, calories, mood etc and yes even your food bills.

Some features require a paid account.


Make sure you and others know what’s happening and when. Add in appointments and share with others who support you.


Set reminders for yourself e.g to set up your yearly eye test, to take a morning medication, or an upcoming assessment. Receive notifications.


Keep a record of how you are feeling or what you have been doing and tell others all about it too if you want. Use the journal as a diary. You can chose to share to people in your contacts, or not. 

How the app helps older adults

As we embrace the next chapter of life, MyLiferaft App stands as your trusted companion, empowering you to navigate the challenges of ageing with confidence and grace. Our app is meticulously designed to provide you with the tools you need to more effectively manage your health, fostering a sense of control over your overall well-being.

MyLiferaft App takes a holistic approach to health management, offering personalised resources and information tailored to your unique needs. With a user-friendly interface, the app guides you through the intricacies of ageing, providing insights, tips, and support that cater specifically to your health profile.

Prevention is key. The app equips you with timely reminders for medical appointments, medication assessments, and other essential tasks, ensuring you stay on top of your health routines. By taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of physical and mental decline, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant life.

The MyLiferaft App facilitates seamless collaboration within your care circle, fostering a supportive network of family members and caregivers. Share vital information, emergency cards, and actionable plans with those who matter most, ensuring that everyone involved in your care journey is well-informed and coordinated.

By taking control of your health and proactively addressing potential challenges, the MyLiferaft App aims to prevent the decline of both physical and mental capacities. Timely interventions, informed decisions, and a supportive community create an environment conducive to maintaining vitality and resilience in this next chapter of life.

Our app goes beyond routine health management, offering a rich repository of learning materials. Dive into valuable resources that enhance your understanding of health topics, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being. The more knowledge you possess, the more confidently you can steer your health journey.

The MyLiferaft App is a centralised hub for caregivers, streamlining communication and coordination within the care circle. Caregivers can access emergency cards, action plans, and vital health information, assisting in maintaining personalised health routines for their loved ones.

Effortlessly organise and monitor your care receiver’s medications from their personalised medication profile. Via remote monitoring you can receive timely reminders for medication administration, reducing the risk of missed doses.

Reduce the risk of overlooking health appointments. With the individual’s permission, caregivers can manage appointment coordination for the care receivers’ upcoming tests and appointments, creating a centralised schedule accessible to everyone involved in the care circle. The app’s intelligent reminder feature sends timely alerts; so no more missed health checkups. 

How the app helps caregivers

MyLiferaft extends support beyond individuals to caregivers who play a pivotal role in providing assistance and comfort, helping to manage medications, appointments, and health routines. 

The app offers caregivers a comprehensive solution to ensure their loved ones stay on track with health management.

MyLiferaft Mobile App – Coming soon

After launching the MyLiferaft portal in 2017 over 4000 users have explored the available features to effectively manage their health and based on their insightful feedback we will be transforming this digital platform into a new mobile app.

The new mobile MyLiferaft app, will include many of the existing MyLiferaft app features but also many new features and tools.


Complete digital self-assessments to identify risks and provide some action plans and advice on keeping yourself healthy. 

Health Goals & Action Plans

Help reduce your risk of hospitalisation by completing actions to help keep you healthy and safe, such as following fall prevention advice and implementing healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Medication Management 

Effortlessly organise and keep track of your care receiver’s medications from their personalised medication profile.

Access resources helping you to support medication management some of which include remote monitoring and notifications to carers. Record any support needs, ordering instructions and more. 

Personalised Resources & Services

View tailored health and wellbeing resources for ageing well and explore a local directory of services and support in your area.

Appointment Reminders

Stay organised with reminders for medical appointments and essential tasks, ensuring you never miss an important health checkup.

Support Circle

Foster a connected care circle. Share relevant information with family members or caregivers, allowing for informed and supportive assistance.

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What our users are saying

How it can help family carers?

The MyLiferaft App acts as a centralised hub for caregivers, simplifying communication and coordination within the care circle and helps to uphold personalised health routines for their loved ones.