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myra: Facilitating your hospital discharge

An app to guide and support your hospital discharge.

Feel informed and confident leaving the hospital. myra supports your critical transition from hospital to home. Leaving you to focus on your recovery.

myra is designed to help older adults, their network of carers, and hospital staff in facilitating hospital discharge and ongoing support once home to help reduce the risks of re-admission.

Patients and carers have told us they don’t know what questions to ask to facilitate hospital discharge and how hard it is to find relevant information.  Based on patient and carer feedback, personal experiences and in depth research, the team at myra have done the hard work for you and compiled a free, comprehensive, easy to use, information resource, downloadable from apple and google app stores.

Before rolling out nationally later in the year, the Isle of Wight is being used as a ‘test bed’ for the local resource section within myra. 

Staying Well

Your guide to a successful recovery.

Discover resources to aid your recovery journey be that ways to remember taking your medication, finding local community activities or volunteering opportunities or checking your environment for slip and trip hazards.

Key Features


Hospital discharge explained, simply.

Don’t know what to ask? Not sure what to expect? Our app offers a checklist of essential questions to ask, ensuring no aspect of your care journey is overlooked.


Plan your transition from hospital to home, seamlessly.

We understand the challenges of caregiving. The App assists you in managing and coordinating care effortlessly. Strengthen your caregiving journey with our supportive tools.


Your guide to recover, successfully.

Discover and access rehabilitation programs tailored to your needs. Our app supports you in finding the right resources to aid your recovery journey.

Pre Hospital

Making planned hospital visits easier

In Hospital

Learn about your rights and self medication

Hospital discharge

Find check lists and explore general information to help facilitate the discharge process

Carer support

Discover resources focussed on unpaid carers, families, friends, neighbours. Find out about benefits, carer assessments, training, support groups.

Care at home

Explore your options for care and living independently at home

Residential care

Discover tips on items to consider and find out about available options

Finance and Legal

Explore benefits, retirement planning, power of attorney, wills.


Find resources to help you remember to take or order medication.


Aids to support you staying well at home.


Arranging transport and travel costs.


Need to gain weight or lose it, something for everyone.

Staying well at home

Tools and tips on preventing unplanned hospitalisation


Manage incontinence, find aids, look for advice

End of Life Care

Care and support for you and your loved ones

Facilitate your hospital discharge with ease

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