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Most of us will be a carer, or require care,  at some point in our lives.   We don’t plan for it, it can just happen.

Being prepared and knowledgeable is critical to the carer and the person they are caring for.

Act now, to create your personal health care record and benefit from the many other healthcare and well-being features that are a part of MyLiferaft.


You can personalise the features you want to use: Those available include


Others you share with can quickly and easily find, call message your  GP, Pharmacy, Next of Kin, Family member etc. No more worrying if you’ve updated everyone of a change


Understand how aspects of your life can impact you, monitor your e.g weight, blood pressure, calories, mood etc and yes even your food bills


Sharing your goals gets you one step closer to achieving them. Those you share with will step in to help support and encourage you.


Select from a wide variety of reports so you can share information with others:  e.g. Important information for hospital staff, emergency services, the babysitter, school. QR codes ensure they access current information. No need to send updates.


Make sure you and others know what’s happening and when. Add in appointments and share with others who support you.


This works like a to do list. Share with carers for lists of regular or one off items. Set reminders for yourself e.g to set up your yearly eye test, to take a morning medication, or an upcoming assessment.


Keep a record of how you are feeling or what you have been doing and tell others all about it too if you want. Use the journal as a diary. You can chose to share to people in your contacts, or not. You  can also share via twitter .


Access and search resources covering a wide selection of topics and services related to health, care and well being.

About Me:

Takes the stress out of repetition, gives peace of mind knowing everything important is captured in one easy to access place.

  • Personal information: Life story, faith, address, photo
  • Health information: Record hospital/GP visits, operations, test results, allergies, medications, blood group, hearing, vision, teeth and more..
  • Care Information: Communication, mobility, eating, meals, behaviour, toilet, washing, dressing, getting up, bedtime, overnight.
  • Social: Likes/dislikes, travel, education


  • Peace of mind, everything in one place
  • Access emergency contacts at the click of a button
  • QR codes keep printed information live with updated information
  • Reduce repetition of care and health information
  • Share and communicate easily with others
  • Others will understand you and your needs better
  • Never miss an appointment, birthday, medication
  • Improved continuity of care, better outcomes



All new MyLiferaft subscribers will be set up with a Free Standard account automatically.  No payment details are needed to sign up but there are options to upgrade.

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