You know how much you wished everything that was important to your daily life was in one place? Well now it is!  Liferaft is a powerful online resource that assists and addresses a wide range of health and social care demands.

Do you need help with looking after a loved one with a disability or long-term illness?  At Liferaft, we aim to offer support whether you an individual with a long-term condition, are looking after an elderly relative, caring for someone with epilepsy or dementia or are parents with a child that has additional needs.

Would having access to a central communication resource help in managing your day-to-day life?  Liferaft addresses a clear need in the UK social care space for shared communication and provides a solution for the family and wider circle of care.  One that eases the burden of care allowing families to function and for everyone to live a fuller life.

Are you looking for a way to track your health and social care needs?  So much of who we are is about what we do, where we go, what we like. Liferaft focuses on the person – we empower people to make the most of their resources and achieve their goals.

Liferaft can be used to record not only health and medical data, but also social, emotional and support care information; it is particularly useful when arranging respite and social care or completing lengthy forms. Furthermore, Liferaft allows people to start well, live well and age well.

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