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Embrace a life of vitality

Personalised self-driven health care. We empower older adults to take control of their health to reduce the risk of hospitalisation, using technology and mobile health applications. 

Simple, accessible and proactive
digital health tools

Reduce your risk of unplanned hospital admissions. With user-friendly digital platforms and health apps that promote independence and well-being, you can feel empowered to manage your health more effectively. 

We offer a range of tools and resources, to give you the confidence to proactively adopt self-care practices, that will help give you a healthier and more fulfilling life as you age.

Digital Health Tools

Our digital health apps have features designed to help manage all the information related to caring for yourself or someone you support.

myra App

Helping to get you and your loved ones home from hospital

Staying in hospital after you’re fit for discharge can harm your physical and mental health. Going home looks different for everyone, but your involvement in planning, knowing the questions to ask can make a huge difference. myra will help you find resources to aid your recovery journey.

The app covers every aspect of your care journey, whether you’re returning home or seeking respite care. Once discharged, myra offers local and national care resources, ensuring you find what you need when you need to promote wellness self-care, and a successful recovery at home.

Find the best support for you, guided by myra. 

Myra App

MyLiferaft App

Your digital guide to ageing well

If you are an older adult or care for someone who is, the app will serve to help you co-ordinate your support needs or just manage your own health and wellbeing more easily.  

It brings peace of mind and keeps everything in one place, helping to co-ordinate and manage information. You can add to and share information with others, receive reminders to attend appointments, keep track of who you saw when, track progress over time, set up and share goals, keep a journal, access useful resources.

A real time assistant that empowers you to improve your health and overall well-being. Use as many or as few of the features as you need.

The Emergency Card

Carry crucial information at your fingertips.

This card offers immediate access to vital details during emergencies. It holds critical information: medical conditions, medications, and emergency contacts. 

So when every minute is critical – the emergency services are able to provide a rapid and personalised response. Giving you the best possible outcome.  

As a caregiver your card can identify that someone relies on you and provide vital information about your caregiving role.

 Don’t wait for an emergency to happen. Get started now. 

Who is MyLiferaft for?

Older Adult

Embracing independence and vitality.

Empower your journey into the golden years with tools designed for your unique needs. From health assessments to personalised resources.


Simplifying care and enhancing support.

We understand the challenges of caregiving. MyLiferaft assists you in managing and coordinating care effortlessly for those you support whilst also caring for yourself. 


Empowering health initiatives.

Enhance your health initiatives with MyLiferaft. Our solutions promote employee well-being, as well as enhance services through education and assistance.


Enriching lives together.

We believe in collaborative enrichment. Partner with MyLiferaft to bring innovative solutions to a wider audience. Let’s empower well-being together.


Improving healthcare solutions.
Reduce dependence, frailty, and lost years for our ageing population. Invest in MyLiferaft to join our commitment to reducing unplanned hospitalisations by 24% in older adults.

People are feeling the difference

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