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Enriching lives together

We believe in collaborative enrichment. Partner with MyLiferaft to bring innovative solutions to a wider audience. Let’s empower well-being together. 

At MyLiferaft, we champion the power of collaborative enrichment, inviting partners to join us in bringing innovative solutions to a broader audience. Together, let’s empower well-being and reshape the landscape of healthcare technology.

In the dynamic realm of healthcare technology, MyLiferaft emerges as a standout player, offering a comprehensive solution that spans from individuals and families to unpaid carers and professionals. Our platform catalyses life-changing experiences for all involved.

Technology Companies

As vital contributors, technology companies play a crucial role in supporting individuals and their carers in managing health and well-being. MyLiferaft provides individuals with a personal database for holistic management, consolidating scattered information into one cohesive platform.

We actively welcome discussions on creating APIs to streamline information flow and ensure user control over shared information.

Advertising Partnerships

Join us in building an ecosystem centered around older adults, enhancing their support network and providing access to a wealth of products. Our user base are older adults and their support network of family, friends, professionals. 

We are reaching this audience via our myra resources app designed to assist with improving and speeding up the process of hospital discharge.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in:

  • Placing an advert for a product related to the support of older adults or carers into the myra or MyLiferaft app
  • Discussing channel partnerships opportunities
  • Discussing affiliate marketing opportunities


For all partnership discussions, please contact us.

Phone:  03302 231192