World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Being mentally healthy doesn’t just mean that you don’t have a mental health problem.  If you’re in good mental health, you can:

  • make the most of your potential
  • cope with life
  • play a full part in your family, workplace, community and among friends.

MyLiferaft - Mental Health Foundation

MyLiferaft - World Mental Health Day


Some people call mental health ‘emotional health’ or ‘well-being’ and it’s just as important as good physical health.  Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down or stressed or frightened. Most of the time those feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us.

Self-Care; Looking after YOU

Everyone is different and your mental health doesn’t always stay the same. It can change as circumstances change and as you move through different stages of your life.

There’s a stigma attached to mental health problems. This means that people feel uncomfortable about them and don’t talk about them much. Many people don’t even feel comfortable talking about their feelings. But it’s healthy to know and say how you’re feeling.

Good mental health is not simply the absence of diagnosable mental health problems, although good mental health is likely to help protect against development of many such problems. Good mental health is characterised by a person’s ability to fulfill a number of key functions and activities, including:

  • the ability to learn
  • the ability to feel, express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions
  • the ability to form and maintain good relationships with others
  • the ability to cope with and manage change and uncertainty

It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life. Below are 10 practical ways to look after your mental health. Making simple changes to how you live doesn’t need to cost a fortune or take up loads of time. Anyone can follow this advice. Why not start today?

  • Talk about your feelings
  • Keep active
  • Eat well
  • Drink sensibly
  • Keep in touch with friends & family
  • Ask for help
  • Take a break
  • Do something you are good at
  • Accept who you are
  • Care for others

Every Mind Matters

A brand new initiative has been launched this week from Public Health England and the NHS, in conjunction with several mental health charities, called Every Mind Matters.  It’s aim is to help people take simple steps to look after their mental health, improve their mental well-being and support others.  You can find out more about this initiative here.


MyLiferaft - Every Mind Matters

MyLiferaft Supporting Mental Health

MyLiferaft is a free resource which gives an individual and those who support them, one central online place where they can add, manage and share information about health, care and well-being. Using MyLiferaft reduces the need for repetition and explanation every time someone new comes on board, helps improve consistency and is truly centered around the person and their needs.

Try our Free Account now to discover the many ways in which MyLiferaft can help support your mental health.

  • Add in details that will help others understand you and your world
  • Tell others the best way to interact to reduce your levels of stress
  • Let others know how to help you if you are feeling stressed
  • Try keeping track of your mood
  • Keep a record of what works well for you and what doesn’t
  • Set yourself some goals and monitor progress



MyLiferaft - Matrix

  • Share your goals with others who can help you achieve them.
  • Taking medication? Keep a track and include if you need support to manage your medication
  • In education and need extra support? Document this in the education section and monitor progress
  • Keep a record of all meetings with professionals and track what was discussed
  • Share information with others e.g. your doctor, family friends, school

MyLiferaft Resources

At MyLiferaft, we aim to give you everything you need in once place and this includes where to go for advice, information and support.  Our extensive list of resources has a specific section for those with mental health with links through to organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation, Every Mind Matters, MIND and the Samaritans.  There is also a full list of resources on a wide range of topics including Bullying, Going Back to School, Bereavement, Dementia, Autism, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Benefit information and various NHS information websites.

Click here to see our full list of Resources.