World Mental Health Day 2017

Caring for the carer


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World Mental Health Day is 25 years old!


This makes the annual event even more special. Since 1992 people all over the world have been holding events, making announcements and celebrating  #WorldMentalHealthDay.

This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health – mental health in the workplace – is something that is certain to get a lot of coverage in the coming days and weeks. We thought it was worthwhile writing our blog and shifting our focus to the mental health professionals themselves. People overlook the fact that the practitioners themselves need support, whether it’s in the form of a cuppa, a big hug or just someone that they can talk to!

The number of news stories around the wellbeing of employees has made headlines in recent years, and is very welcome. There are so many trending topics that focus on how we can all make a positive change to our mental health through wellness, exercise, diet or even simply making some more time for ourselves in such an ‘on the go’ world!

Indeed, the WFMA are asking employers to sign a pledge around appreciating employees, creating supportive environments, offering stress management and lots more.

You can download a copy from the WFMA website.

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - WMHD

Many amongst us are working to raise awareness about mental health, and at Liferaft we know how important it is to recognise this. Our product is designed to help make lives easier to manage, giving peace of mind and valuable time back, whatever your role in the circle of care.

As World Mental Health Day approaches, Liferaft is there to support you in making your life – and that of those you care for – better.


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