MyLiferaft Supports Working Carers

MyLiferaft offers an affordable solution for employers to actively support and recognise working carers in their workforce.  MyLiferaft can also benefit all employees  helping  them become more engaged and active in managing their own health and well-being.

MyLiferaft - Caring Employer


  • More than 1 in 7 people will either reduce their working hours or stop working altogether, because they are juggling work and care, and this is growing as the elderly population rises by an average of 2.3 million a year – many will require care from a relative.
  • Many who leave their jobs will be people who are trained, valuable employees. It costs circa £30,000 to replace an employee.

Supporting and recognising your working carers

  • Improves performance and commitment to your organisation
  • Decreases staff turnover
  • Enables you to keep valuable skills and experience
  • Reduces the levels and costs of sickness absences
  • Todays employees look for more than just money from an employer, they want to work for an employer that demonstrates they do good in the world… demonstrating your company is a caring company will encourage talent to join you.

MyLiferaft is an online tool helping employees by providing:

  • One place to store important detailed information (care, medical, contacts, social)
  • Available 24/7 so they can continue to care even when they are not physically there.
  • Sharing information with other carers, directly or using reports
  • Messaging others who help with caring






  • Setting up reminders/appointments, also shareable with others
  • Providing reports to share information with others e.g a hospital passport containing important information medical staff should know, a list of medications, likes/dislikes etc
  • A journal – writing everything down is so helpful
  • Resources – find out about what else is available (benefits, respite, training, discounts etc)

You can find out more about MyLiferaft here.

Be up and running with two quick steps:

  1. Purchase licenses – costs based on employee numbers
  2. Distribute licenses to employees.

MyLiferaft does the rest!

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