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MyLiferaft is a way to stay on top of all the information that comes with caring for your child or loved one – and share it with the people who need access to that information.  It’s a secure place online where you can keep and update all the details about your child’s health, care and well-being. Using a tablet, laptop or phone, you can keep your care network up-to-date, on screen or on paper. You decide who gets what information and when.




MyLiferaft was created by technology entrepreneur Nicola Murgatroyd. Her eldest daughter had complex special needs and Nicola faced real problems managing her care effectively.  “My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place.  Advances in technology mean that there are now ways to make life easier for everyone, whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with MyLiferaft – an online tool to manage all aspects of modern day living.”

How can MyLiferaft help a Parent Carer?

Parent carers are on their feet all day every day and have to keep endless amounts of information about their child to hand, usually on bits of paper, in notebooks, in their head, in care files and many other places, including on the fridge door!  Keeping track of everything and updating information with changes and progress is hard work. MyLiferaft is a simple, easy to use, online tool, that can help parent carers store, organise and manage all the information they have about their child – personal information, medical history, likes/dislikes, and much more.

By storing key information about your child in MyLiferaft, you instantly benefit from:

  • No longer needing to repeat yourself to multiple people in your child’s care network
  • Finding information quickly and easily to fill in documents, forms, assessments
  • Being better prepared for meetings and assessments
  • Keeping your child’s care network up to date with their health and wellbeing progress and changes
  • Supporting and enabling your child to lead a fuller life

With MyLiferaft, parent carers have more control over the information about their child and can be involved in key decisions about their care. The child will benefit by feeling looked after and supported by people who understand their needs, likes and dislikes. Features within MyLiferaft can ensure consistency in your child’s care and support them when transitioning. As the parent carer, you can decide who to share information with about your child; enabling you to work with carers, support workers and professionals so that you can determine together what goals and targets to set.


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool


How can MyLiferaft help individuals?

Individuals who are living independently and/or managing their care themselves are likely to have information about their health and care needs stored in files, pieces of paper, notebooks to name a few. They are trying to manage their daily life, keeping up with appointments, filling in endless forms and repeating their needs and medical history to multiple healthcare professionals.

By storing all this information in MyLiferaft, the individual has all their care, health and well-being information (current, historical and future) in one place. With MyLiferaft they:

  • Are prepared with up-to-date information that can be accessed before, during and
    after assessments and meetings
  • Have consistent, timely, accurate information that can be shared amongst their care team to ensure the best quality of care
  • Decide what information they share, with whom, and when; either online or in a report
  • Can communicate with their care and social network and help them to understand their needs better
  • Record, track and monitor changes in health, mood, activities
  • Set their own goals and monitor progress


MyLiferaft - Individual

Key Features of MyLiferaft

MyLiferaft is a secure, online filing system for organising, managing and tracking personal, health, well-being and care information about an individual or a person being cared for. Once stored in MyLiferaft, this information can be accessed from home, whilst in a healthcare meeting or out with a friend, using a pc/desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.

Health and well-being information is constantly changing, and by using MyLiferaft, you can ensure information about your needs or the person you are caring for, can be continuously updated and added to. But MyLiferaft is more than a static filing system, some of the features include the ability to:

  • Create Care Circles and Social Circles – enabling you to share information with the people who support and care for you or your child
  • Create Goals, Actions and Reviews to manage progress and achievements
  • Easily access information to complete documents, assessments, and pre-populate forms (such as the DLA)
  • Share contact information between your care team through messaging, alerts and notifications
  • Set data Trackers to monitor repeat measurements (mood, blood glucose, peak-flow, calories etc.)
  • Share information and reports with your Care and/or Social circles in real-time or by email
  • Enter information using Voice Dictation on tablet or mobile devices
  • Share Calendar information to ensure everyone is aware of appointments and events
  • Lookup upcoming Events and use our online Resource database to help you get the best out of your life
  • Add social media accounts and they will update automatically

MyLiferaft is continually developing. Some of the features coming soon include …

  • Mobile access and document management on the go – upload documents wherever you are so you can organise, update, track and manage your paperwork
  • Access and record information with Alexa – giving you and your care team easy access to details and a simple way to keep information up to date
  • Enhancements to Social and Care Circles including shared To-Do and Task Lists

For more information about MyLiferaft and to see if it can help you, watch Sophia’s Story on our website.

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