What Is MyLiferaft?


MyLiferaft is a free resource which supports you in managing health and care information.

Using MyLiferaft can:

  • Be a place to store your health and care information (and control who sees it)
  • Create your hospital passport (information for hospital staff that isn’t all about illness)
  • Keep track and be reminded of appointments, assessments
  • Share your care information with those who support you
  • Hear about new technology solutions and how they can help you

MyLiferaft was created by technology entrepreneur Nicola Murgatroyd. Her oldest daughter had complex special needs, and Nicola faced real problems managing her care effectively.  The story above is a fictional representation, highlighting some of the journey and issues they faced together and where MyLiferaft can help.

“My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place. Nothing can ever really prepare you for parenthood, and caring for a child with additional needs carries extra challenges. However there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with MyLiferaft – a tool which helps to manage all aspects of modern day living.”



The problem…

Looking after a child with a long-term condition or special need can be exhausting. Meetings, appointments, assessments.  Forms to fill in. And a lot of information to absorb, manage and stay on top of. You and your child can easily feel disempowered, and not in control.



The solution…

MyLiferaft puts you back in charge. It gives you a single store of real-time information about your child. It’s yours to own and manage, from a tablet, laptop or phone.

You can:

  • share information with people who support you
  • access information for filling in multiple forms/assessments, wherever you are.
  • create essential reports, like a summary of needs, a list of medications, or a pre-populated DLA form
  • engaging wider support teams including health, social care and school.

MyLiferaft also lets you run and share calendars, set goal setting, keep a journal and much more.

What Does MyLiferaft do?

 It helps you:

  • Be more in control
  • Avoid repeating yourself to different people in your care network
  • Find information quickly and easily to fill in forms and be prepared for meetings and assessments
  • Keep your care network up to date on what your child needs and how they’re doing
  • Worry less about what would happen if you weren’t there
  • Have more time for your own activities, and feel supported
  • Support your child to lead a fuller life and stay well
  • Manage the changes that happen throughout your child’s life

It helps your child:

  • Have more control over their information, and be involved in decisions
  • Feel looked after and supported by others who know their needs, likes and dislikes
  • Have consistent care and support when transitioning
  • Work with carers, support workers and professionals more easily to achieve their goals
  • Capture their feelings, and highs and lows, and share if they want to
  • Avoid unplanned or emergency interventions

MyLiferaft - Inclusion


It helps your care network:

  • Tailor advice to your child’s needs and goals
  • Use face-to-face time with you to deal with important issues, not just catch up
  • Avoid emergency interventions
  • Support the outcomes your child wants
  • Understand more about what the family and carer need
  • Engage with you and your child
  • Make interventions as effective as possible


It helps organisations:

  • Cut unplanned health/social care/educational interventions
  • Cut costs by using face to face time better
  • Plan for the people, equipment and supplies your child will need in the future
  • Use information to spot risks early, and deal with them
  • Break down information silos

Read more about MyLiferaft and the impact it has already made on the families and professionals that are already using it.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of the MyLiferaft team, please get in contact with us.