The team here really believe that using Liferaft can help people address a wide range of health and social care issues.  Whether you are caring for a loved one or you have a long-term condition that requires additional support, there are multiple benefits to using Liferaft.

However, don’t just take our word for it!  Read about several people – people who may be like you or someone you know – below who have embraced using Liferaft and how it is has helped them and the loved ones they care for.


Debs has three children. Each child has a serious condition that requires a tailored plan. Debs has set up a Liferaft for each child, to monitor and manage their health and care. As their Liferaft Manager, she acts on their behalf and controls and manages all of their information. She keeps track of who’s visited, what they do and who she needs to relay this information to, to improve care and keep it consistent. The calendar reminder tool allows her to keep track of what is going on with each child.

“I am really excited to share with you a great new resource for families. Let me introduce you to Liferaft. As anyone who reads my blog will know, I am always looking for more ways to get organised, especially around the paperwork surrounding my children. Kuradocs helps with that – a lot. Kuradocs is currently available on a £10 per month subscription but I believe it is worth every penny.  The time it will free up for you and the stress it will remove from having to find that piece of paper or appointment letter is really helpful and, as a parent, it will give you some me time! And who doesn’t want some more time – even if it’s not for you (although it should be).  Having more time available is something we can all make use of.”
Debs Apsland, Life Coach, SEN Advocate, Blogger – April 2017

Anna has two children, Scarlett aged 10 and Heidi aged 4. Scarlett has ongoing medical needs (she was born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia) and a developmental disorder (Cornelia de Lange); relatedly Scarlett was diagnosed with autism at age 6. She attends a special school. Anna has recently started using Liferaft.

Throughout Scarlett’s life, the professionals around her have encouraged me to “write everything down”, and Liferaft allows me to do just that. Using the About Me pages, the journal and the calendar functions, I really appreciate being able to keep everything in one place and to be able to check everything is on track – and all from my phone. I also appreciate all this information being available, in one place, being particularly useful when it comes to form filling. Liferaft is able to pull through the information that I have already entered elsewhere in Liferaft to populate the onerous and lengthy DLA form. It is also proving a great time saver as I prepare to move Scarlett from a statement to an education, health and care plan (EHCP).
Anna Hinton-Lowe, Parent Advisor at the OWL Centre (Oxford), Blogger – May 2017