Summer Newsletter 2018

Summer Newsletter!

Welcome to the Summer Newsletter from the MyLiferaft Team!  If like us you have been making the most of the glorious weather, you may have lost count of the different sun factors to be found in the fridge!

There have been lots of Top Tips on the television, radio and in newspapers for staying cool, however here are a few more from the team:

  • Half fill children’s water bottles with ice-cubes so they stay cooler for longer
  • Use freezer ice sachets in picnics and packed lunches to keep food cold if freezer blocks are too large
  • Keep sun-tan and after-sun in the fridge (this is a favourite of the team!)
  • Join your children in the paddling pool, even if you just dip your feet in!  The water can also be used for watering plants, so you are recycling as well as staying safe!
  • Fill a hot water bottle……wait for it……….with ice cubes & cold water!

Schools Out!


MyLiferaft - School Holidays


If you have children, you are probably only a matter of days away from their school breaking for the Summer and whether you are a working parent, or a stay-at-home parent, it pays to plan ahead if you can.  MyLiferaft have a great section in their Resources for ideas and suggestions to help you through the next few weeks, however here are a few more to add to the list!

  • Have a Mini-Masterchef competition and make sure you include tidying up as part of the end result!
  • Create some puppets out of old socks and let the children make up a puppet show for you
  • If the weather is not so great, pull the curtains, get out the pop-corn and have a movie afternoon at home
  • If you have a garden, vegetable plot or allotment, get the children to help with the digging, weeding, collecting and eating your harvest!
  • Use the internet to find what you have in your kitchen to make up science experiments (this one is a favourite with one of the Dad’s in the MyLiferaft team!)

Keep  a record of  what you get up to in your MyLiferaft Journal and share it with friends and family. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today and use the holidays to update information ready for sharing at the start of next term.

EHC News

A new plan was published by the Government earlier this Summer which would see EHC plans maintained up to the age of 25, where a young person has additional needs and would like to continue their further education.  This allows the individual to continue within the education system much longer than they would have been able to previously whilst being supported by an EHC plan.  To find out more, click here.

The Goals and Actions area in MyLiferaft is an excellent place to document and monitor the goals and actions related to those in the ECH plan. Sharing this section of information with others can help ensure a consistent approach with the aim of  improved progress.

Events & Resources

The MyLiferaft Events page lists events around the country that we feel  would be of interest to our users.  These range from specific shows such as the Autism Shows & Child Care Expo to Kidz to Adultz.  Coming into the Summer, there are not many national events taking place, however if you have an event you would like us to list, please contact us.


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Resources


Our Resources section is a one-stop shop of external websites offering help, support, advice and guidance on a number of topics.  If you are looking for information on Dementia, Allergies, Asperger’s, grants, social care, SEND and an extensive list of other subjects around caring for someone with additional needs and/or learning disabilities, then our Resources lists a website that can help you.

Stay In Touch

Many of you have already contacted us with valuable feedback – please keep it coming as your voice really does make a difference.  Contact us via:

Have a great summer.


Nicola & the MyLiferaft Team