Subscription Packages


Emergency Card, normally a Premium Feature


We offer two packages.  The Standard account which is free or the  Premium account which gives you access to additional benefits. See the list below showing the differences.

All new MyLiferaft subscribers will be set up with a Standard account automatically.  No payment details are needed  – just click Sign Up, and you are ready to go.

You can upgrade to a MyLiferaft Premium account at any time, with the option of paying monthly or yearly.

If you are an organisation please contact us to discuss your requirements



Add a managed user as a linked account

Connect to view other MyLiferaft users

Share MyLiferaft with others

Use Trackers

Add Goals

Emergency Card

Report: One Page About Me summary 

Report: Hospital Passport 

Report: About Me Sections/Data 

Report: Goals and Actions 

Report: Graphs/Trackers 

Report: Disability Living Allowance

Report: Fire Risk Assessment

Upgrade your account

Your Text






£12 per month


£120 annually
(2 months free)



Limited to four shares

Limited to four

Limited to four 

Covid 19: Premium Feature Now Available as Standard


Subscription ‘Frequently Asked Questions’


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that MyLiferaft users have fed back to us, so we are sharing them with you!  If you have an question that isn’t below, then contact us on 03302 231192 or email

How much does a subscription to MyLiferaft cost?

Premium account: £12 per calendar month paid in monthly payments or an annual payment of £120 a year.

Standard account: this account is free.

How do I pay for my Premium account?

You can use most Debit cards and Credit cards as well as Paypal.

Can I upgrade to a Premium account?

Yes – you can do this at any time from the Subscription area within your account.  The cost is £12 per month or an annual fee of £120.

Can I pay for others users?

Yes you can pay for yourself and for your managed user(s).  You can also pay for others who are sharing their information with you.

How do I set up my account?

Click on the Try Now button and fill in your details. No payment will be taken as you will automatically be set up with our Standard account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to MyLiferaft, go to My Account then Account Settings and Subscriptions.  There you will see the option to Stop paying for subscription(s) option.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, login to MyLiferaft, go to My Account then Personal Details and select the option to Cancel Your Account at the bottom of the page.

Deleting your account will permanently delete access to your information and if you subsequently re-subscribe for a MyLiferaft account, the information you have already entered will no longer be available.