Sofia’s Story

Sofia’s Story


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Inspired by the experiences of Liferaft founder & CEO Nicola Murgatroyd and her daughter Faith, Liferaft are today launching ‘Sofia’s Story’ – a short video that outlines how Liferaft can help a child, or adult, with long-term care needs, their parents and their care circle.

“My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place. Nothing can ever really prepare you for parenthood, and caring for a child with additional needs carries extra challenges.  How-ever there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with Liferaft – a tool which helps to manage all aspects of modern day living.”

As a parent carer, Liferaft puts you back in charge. It gives you a single store of real-time information about your child. It’s yours to own and manage, from a tablet, laptop or phone.  You can:

  • Share information with people who support you
  • Access information for filling in multiple forms/assessments, wherever you are.
  • Create essential reports, like a summary of needs, a list of medications, or a pre-populated DLA form
  • Engaging wider support teams including health, social care and school
  • Liferaft also lets you run and share calendars, set goal setting, keep a journal and much more.


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The team at Liferaft strongly believe that by setting up a Liferaft account for your child, you will start to see immediate benefits:

  • Avoid having to repeat yourself constantly when giving information about your child
  • Keep vital information in one accessible place that allows you to choose who you share it with
  • Maintain continuity of information across your child’s care circle
  • Give you peace of mind that your child’s up-to-date information is being shared

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