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MyLiferaft Resources App- myra: supporting hospital discharge

An app to guide and support your hospital discharge.

Feel informed and confident leaving the hospital. The MyLiferaft Resources App supports your critical transition from hospital to home. Leaving you to focus on your recovery.

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Key Features


Hospital discharge explained, simply.

Don’t know what to ask? Not sure what to expect? Our app offers a checklist of essential questions to ask, ensuring no aspect of your care journey is overlooked.


Plan your transition from hospital to home, seamlessly.

We understand the challenges of caregiving. MyLiferaft assists you in managing and coordinating care effortlessly. Strengthen your caregiving journey with our supportive tools.


Your guide to recover, successfully.

Discover and access rehabilitation programs tailored to your needs. Our app supports you in finding the right resources to aid your recovery journey.

Explore healthy ageing tips, tools and resources to stay well.

Manage health conditions

Simple arthritis assistive

How often should I get my eyes tested?

Healthy lifestyle changes

Activities to help prevent cognitive decline and dementia

Physical movement for different fitness levels

Unplanned hospitalisations

How to prevent avoidable

What happens after hospital discharge?

Embark on your post-hospitalisation journey with MyLiferaft Resources App—where knowledge meets support, services, and recovery. 

If you want to feel supported leaving the hospital

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