Support Professionals

Liferaft’s founder, Nicola Murgatroyd wanted to develop Liferaft after her life experiences gained from three decades of being a working parent and principal carer for her late daughter who was born with spina bifida and had many complex needs. After struggling with the volume of paperwork required to stay on top of appointments and keep everyone informed about her daughter’s requirements, Nicola wanted to save other carers the time and pain of having to repeat information whenever new professionals are introduced to the care circle.

Health and Social Care

  • How can Liferaft help with health and social care?
  • Is Liferaft able to support social services?

Integrated Health and Social Care is a well-used term in these transformational times: the difference is that Liferaft is the only platform sitting in that social care space. It is already helping to activate citizens to take ownership of their health and care, delivering direct benefit to themselves, their families, other carers, and importantly removing direct costs from severely depleted health and care budgets.

Information Hub

  • What information is held in Liferaft?
  • How can the information be used?

Liferaft can be used to record not only health and medical data, but also social, emotional and support care information; it is particularly useful when arranging respite and social care or completing lengthy forms. Liferaft allows people to start well, live well and age well.

Inclusive Care

  • How can Liferaft help communication between individuals, family, carers and the wider community?
  • Can Liferaft support the growing need for healthcare at home?

Liferaft addresses a clear need in the social care space: the technology allows carers (both family and professionals) to have managed accounts for their loved ones. Liferaft recognises and provides a solution for the family and wider circle of care, one that eases the burden of care allowing families to function and for everyone to live a fuller life.

Big Data

  • How can Liferaft support research and analysis?
  • What is the data output available from Liferaft?

Liferaft has been developed with clear insight of people living with or caring for long-term conditions. Its content management application is centred on the individual, allowing them to receive, capture and manage information about themselves, and to share it with whomever they choose. This level of granular big data is unprecedented in the NHS and social care systems. Through Liferaft, research teams and collaborators would have access to this growing and detailed anonymised data.

Why Choose Liferaft?

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool

Liferaft offers a financially viable and life-changing product. It addresses key areas of concern such as the highest levels of information governance and data security and provides an immediate solution for individuals with complex needs to have everything pertinent to them in a safe, secure and immediately accessible location, wherever you are, and which can be shared with family, friends, health and care professionals. If you want to know more about the team behind Liferaft, click here.