Parent Carers; You’re not alone

Parent Carers: You’re not alone

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Undoubtedly, being a parent carer is a challenging role. From the day-to-day care at home to juggling numerous medical appointments, usually with the added pressure of looking after other children, it’s tough. It’s not surprising that many parent carers feel they’re alone.

However, here at Liferaft, we know first-hand that being a parent carer is also an extremely rewarding role. Seeing the care you give to a loved one having a positive impact on their quality of life, no matter how big or small it may seem, is priceless. We also know it can be difficult to feel this way at times, when it feels like nothing is going your way.

Using our experiences we’ve put together a selection of tips and resources. We hope that, from our list, you feel that there is support available to you and your family.

Family wellbeing

Contact a Family is a charity that supports families with disabled children. They have a fantastic series of tips and recommendations on how to cope with something that can often be overlooked in parent carer situations: the rest of family life. How can other family members help your child? How can you maintain your other relationships within the family? You can read their tips on family life here.

Financial help

It can be difficult to understand what financial help you’re entitled to as a parent carer. Many parent carers have to cut down their working hours or leave their jobs altogether to care for their loved ones, which can lead to money worries. However, it’s worth contacting your local authority for an assessment of your circumstances, as there are benefits available to those who are eligible, including the Disability Living Allowance for Children and the Carer’s Allowance. To learn more, please visit the NHS Choices information pages here.

Technology support

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in technology available to support those working within the healthcare sector. With these, we’ve also seen a rise in tech to help carers in the home.

In fact, as we discussed in our previous Parent Carers post, it was being a parent carer herself that led our founder, Nicola, to create Liferaft – our powerful personal database that collates, shares, stores and tracks information relating to your health and care.

With Liferaft, you can:

• Share information with medical professionals without repeating yourself.
• Record vital information about your loved one to maintain continuity of information.
• Keep all your contacts in one place, such as doctors, hospitals and education professionals.
• Add goals, track their progress and share with others if required.

Here’s your opportunity to try Liferaft for FREE:

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If there is one thing you can take away from our post, it is that you are not alone. With Liferaft and your help, we continue to improve our understanding of the challenges that you face and will continue to adapt Liferaft to meet your needs. Contact us at

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