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Parent Carer, what does this mean?  By definition all parents are carers. A child doesn’t need to be disabled or have a physical or mental illness to require care. Nicola’s daughter Faith did need round the clock care. Nicola has channeled her experiences, into developing an online raft of tools to support all parent carers in their mission to ensure the best possible care for their child as well as tools to help them look after their own well being.

What Parent Carers told us

  • We repeat the same information over and over, it is exhausting
  • We worry about “What if”  I’m not there
  • We want there to be continuity of information
  • We want to show case our child’s abilities
  • We want our child to be involved in decisions
  • We feel unsupported
  • We don’t know where to turn
  • Everything always seems to be a battle


MyLiferaft helping Parent Carers

  • Store health, well-being and care information in one accessible place (24/7)
  • Record hospital/GP visits, operations, test results, medications
  • Keep track and be reminded of appointments and assessments.
  • Share care information with those who support you and your child
  • Track information over time, e.g weight, mood, blood pressure, temperature
  • Monitor achievements and set new goals.
  • Maintain continuity of care even if you can’t be there in person.
  • Use reports as part of a handover to a new carer, a teacher, another parent, the GP  or therapist or to create an emergency card, a disability living allowance form or a hospital passport.
  • Access a database of helpful resources

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