Parent Carer Week

Parent Carer Week


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As the end of the year quickly approaches, we thought it would be an ideal time reflect on the progress we’ve made this year with Liferaft and the help we’re providing to our users. This year, we’ve really focused on supporting parent carers, so we’re dedicating this week to the invaluable support they provide to their families.

In fact, it was this parent carer role that Nicola found herself in that inspired her to start Liferaft. Being a parent carer to her daughter Faith meant that Nicola really understood what was required in creating a tool to support fellow parent carers and their children.

We know first-hand that it’s tiring work looking after a child with a disability; it’s a role that doesn’t stop. Aside from the on-hand support, the role requires communication skills, effective management of medical appointments, school meetings, physiotherapist sessions and much more. This results in endless repetition; sharing the same information time and again to different people – other parents, family members and a large range of professionals.

As Nicola experienced: “I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place.”

This wish resulted in the Liferaft application – a secure, online place to record health and medical data, as well as social, emotional and support care information. All your children’s vital information is in one easily accessible place, so, no matter where you child is, you can maintain continuity of information. Take a look at our dedicated parent carer page to read more about how Liferaft can support you and your family. We’ve also compiled a list of great parent carer resources here.

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The feedback we’ve received about Liferaft just goes to show how effective it is for parent carers.

Life coach and SEN advocate Debs Apsland uses Liferaft to better manage her time: “The time it will free up for you and the stress it will remove from having to find that piece of paper or appointment letter is really helpful and, as a parent, it will give you some me time!”

Anna Hinton-Lowe, Parent Advisor at the OWL Centre loves how Liferaft keeps all information in one place for her daughter Scarlett: “Using the About Me pages, the journal and the calendar functions, I really appreciate being able to keep everything in one place and to be able to check everything is on track – and all from my phone.”

You can read more from parent carers and other care sector professionals on our testimonials page.

If you’re a parent carer looking for a way to better track and manage your information, try Liferaft free now. Join Liferaft here.