Technology companies play a vital role in supporting individuals and their carers to manage their health and well-being. MyLiferaft provides individuals with their own personal database for managing their everyday health, care and well-being information. The “as is” situation is that organisations e.g. schools, NHS, social care, apps all hold a “bit of someone” but there is no one place where all this is pulled back together. MyLiferaft is the solution.

We are happy to have discussions about creating APIs to products so we can push/pull information. What this means for the customer is that they don’t have to constantly repeat information and they have control over who sees what and what they want to share with others.  Help people by creating an eco-system around them.

Take a simple scenario:

A patient is asked to take their blood pressure daily: They may record this on paper or in an app. When they go to the GP they may show them the app. Now, if they also need to show them what their mood has been like and what exercise they’ve been taking it can mean going to 3 apps, some may have reporting features, sharing features and others not.  What this means in reality is that the person may just take a guess which is often very unreliable and a GP doesn’t want to receive 3 streams of information about one person. MyLiferaft solves this dilemma by linking the key information from the different apps and making it available from one central location.

To find out more about MyLiferaft and opportunities for working collaboratively for research, funding, partnerships please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team will be happy to help.

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