MyLiferaft is working with a number of not for profit organisations to provide those they support with a MyLiferaft account.  MyLiferaft does not limit itself to any one group of people and we believe that this flexibility is one of its many strengths.

We understand the financial restraints faced by not for profit organisations, be that in the charity or academic sectors.  MyLiferaft, due to its robust design and wide range of features provides a very cost effective way for charities to add bespoke features and forms, to create an app which assists the specific needs of those they support.

In addition, MyLiferaft will increase their reach to users who are currently unaware of their services.  This is done by including signposting to their resources, based on key words/data.


Organisations can purchase licences from MyLiferaft and provide these to those they support.


Not for profit organisations can use MyLiferaft as a base product to create a cost-effective way of providing specific features, forms and reports that their clients would find useful: for example condition specific health passports or emergency cards or a tracker to monitor a specific aspect of someones life as part of their research.

Not for profit organisations can include their services as part of MyLiferaft’s signposting services.

Trigger words/phrases/conditions can be used to ensure valuable resources are provided to individuals to whom they might be relevant. This signposting can be preventative and/or supportive and can increase the reach of your services.

Not for profit organisations can benefit from receiving data analytics (permission based) for use in planning further support and services or in basic research <<link to research page>> on a condition or situation.

To discuss how to provide a MyLiferaft account to those you support or to explore opportunities for working collaboratively e.g. development, research, funding, partnerships please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team will be happy to help.

Phone:  03302 231192


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