Healthcare Research

Healthcare research involves working with facts and real-world evidence to help plan future strategies, services and support decision making.

The traditional approach to obtaining data from research participants is  “participants give information and researchers take it”.

MyLiferaft transforms this approach by providing researchers with a data collection tool which they can give to participants to keep;   “researchers give participants a tool, participants provide information and now participants are able to keep the tool and reuse information already added for their own purposes”

MyLiferaft  supports health care research in the following ways:

Research  Participants

    • Access MyLiferaft’s database of individuals: Invite participation
      • Target individuals based on specific criteria e.g. those who have seizures, taking a specific medication, sex, age, diagnosis or those identified as carers etc
    • Provide MyLiferaft to your own research population

Data Collection

    • Create bespoke forms, questionnaires, surveys which can be delivered through MyLiferaft, including specific consent processes.
      • Patient reported outcomes, longitudinal data, cohort studies etc

Data Analytics

    • Access real world evidence from the MyLiferaft database.
    • Real time updates for longitudinal data

Participant Engagement

    • A route to engage with those providing information to ask for further support or completion of additional questionnaires
    • A route to provide participants with additional information e.g health education resources,
    • Option to set up reminders triggered by events, results


    • A route to provide results of healthcare research back to participants who have provided information.

MyLiferaft is unique in research because the information is owned by the individual. This means they can benefit from the information they provide to the healthcare research team and reuse it for their own benefit in their health, care and well-being journey.  How often does a patient have their blood pressure taken in a research project but at the end of the project have no record of any of the readings themselves?


If you would like to learn more and discuss how MyLiferaft  can be implemented to support the aims of your healthcare research projects, please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team will be happy to help.

Phone:  03302 231192


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