Health and social care services help the population to stay healthy by providing health education. They also provide support to those requiring extra help in times of need.

Technology is being introduced across the board to help reduce the costs of health and social care. This may be apps, or wider transformation such as integrated health and social care records, or the introduction of telehealth and monitoring devices.

Understanding the needs of the population is key to planning effective strategies, be that technology or services. Equally important is understanding how well existing services meet the needs of the population.


MyLiferaft licences may be purchased via licencing agreements, and provided to the population you serve.

The platform sits outside existing IT infrastructure and is supported as part of the service provision.  Integrations are not required however can be built in as needed e.g NHS system. Please get in touch to discuss this with us.

Having all the local population set up with an account will help provide insights into their needs and this can provide data on how well existing provisions are doing.

Having a MyLiferaft account will support people to play an active role in, and engage with, their own health and well-being which must be a key component of any strategy.

Health and social care organisations can also use MyLiferaft to signpost local services. Who sees the signposts can be triggered if someone meets certain criteria using aspects of Artificial Intelligence.


Health and social care providers can work with us to develop custom forms, questionnaires, surveys which can be surfaced to specific populations. Permissions are built in to give people choice about use of their data.

MyLiferaft will integrate with existing systems if required e.g NHS.


Health and social care organisations can purchase data analytics about populations or specific aspects of a population based on the MyLiferaft datasets or specific questionnaires. This information will help identify gaps in provision of services and understand how current services are performing at a national/local level.

To discuss your requirements, learn more or book a demonstration please get in touch and a member of the MyLiferaft team who will be happy to help.

Phone:  03302 231192


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