Working with organisations across the many different sectors within health, care and well-being, MyLiferaft helps organisations meet their needs and the needs of those they support.

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MyLiferaft offers employers an affordable solution to actively support and recognise working carers in the workforce.  We have plans to suit companies of all sizes.  MyLiferaft can also support  all employees to help them become more engaged in their own health and well-being which means better productivity, less absenteeism.   Read more….

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Health and Social Care

Integrated health and social care is a well-used term in these transformational times.   It is being proven that good self-care helps reduce costs, and helps not only the citizen, but the wider care team and professionals who support the person.   MyLiferaft supports the individual on the journey to active self-care, and they can share their information directly with Health and Social Care Professionals – enabling access anytime, anywhere, with real-time updates, quality engagement and helping to support better outcomes read more….






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Healthcare Research

Research is vital to ensure decisions, services and products are based on evidence.  Today, collecting information from participants is very much a one-way process: Participants give and researchers take. MyLiferaft changes this dynamic by providing a unique approach that gives back to participants involved in research…read more

Care Providers

Providing care is always a team effort. MyLiferaft is an online tool for helping an individual and a team of people work collaborative read more…


MyLiferaft helps ensure cost effective and focused commissioning; it provides a platform to monitor the impact of health and care solutions across the local population, to capture and understand the citizen needs and their outcomes.  Using technology to support and reduce the cost of healthcare and well-being is already being done, but MyLiferaft embraces a wider circle; from the individual, family and unpaid carers right through to professionals, the organisation as well as commissioning bodies and policy makers read more…


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Technology Companies

The benefits of working collaboratively are many, and by combining services from various devices and technology products MyLiferaft enables separate care systems to become a single, holistic care platform. Partnering with MyLiferaft can, and will, make changes to the way we manage our health care read more..


Not for Profit

We are working with a number of charities, providing MyLiferaft to their members.  MyLiferaft has been designed to be used by everyone either as an individual with a long-term care need or if you are a caring for a loved one, for example a parent caring for SEN child or a spouse caring for their partner who has dementia.  MyLiferaft does not limit itself to any one group of people and we believe that this flexibility is one of our many strengths.  Read more…



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