“The inspiration for MyLiferaft, came from my journey as a mother/carer/advocate/friend for my daughter Faith who had multiple and complex care needs. I recognised the need to have a central place where we could easily add, retrieve and share information with others who helped us. ” Nicola Murgatroyd (Founder and CeO)

After conducting research and establishing that Nicola’s experiences were not unique the MyLiferaft team embarked on a journey of discovery and development, The end product , MyLiferaft, is an online smart personal healthcare product full of features designed to help manage all the information related to caring for yourself or a loved one.  They could be young or old, with a long or short term condition or just an individual wanting to stay well and manage their health and wellbeing.

MyLiferaft’s features support the individual and their network of  professionals, community, family and  friends who are together helping them be as independent as possible whilst maintaining a high quality of life and reaching their goals.

Nicola Murgatroyd, Founder & CEO

Parent carer and entrepreneur.  Nicola established and sold to private equity a company successful in the Pharmaceutical sector.

“My personal experiences as a parent carer gave me first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I soon realised this was not unique to parent carers but was the same for all carers, whatever their circumstances and irrespective of age, health, employment etc.  We can never be fully prepared for what life will throw at us but we can put ourselves in a better position to cope when something out of the blue happens. Using MyLiferaft means you can be one step ahead and are prepared for the unexpected.”

Mick Cook, Non-exec Chairman

Mick has been involved in running and developing businesses internationally for more than 35 years.  Originally a marine scientist, Mick has a wealth of experience operating at Board level and now fills several non-executive positions with a wide range of commercial companies and voluntary organisations.  He is also an angel investor. “I really believe that MyLiferaft will change for the better the lives of those living with long term conditions, as well as significantly assisting those that care for them.  I aim to bring my day-to-day operational experience, combined with a strategic approach, to ensure MyLiferafts’ every success.”

Ian Fleming, Chief Operating Officer

Ian has significant experience in driving and establishing new businesses, within the UK and Internationally.

Nigel Murgatroyd, Commercial Director

Nigel has spent twenty years in the oil & gas industry which has given him a wealth of experience in negotiating at a senior level.  He was an instrumental part of the team in the development of London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and is now using his experience to make MyLiferaft available to as many people as possible.

Clare Brooke-Little, Operations Director

Clare has been involved in healthcare all her life; be that directly as a nurse, or indirectly as a life sciences graduate and managing clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry, as a CQC inspector, or as an informal carer. “For me, MyLiferaft is the natural and logical solution to many of the problem areas that I personally have experienced: breakdowns in communication between professionals, delays in sharing information, patients feeling out of the loop and disengaged and treatments being prescribed in a vacuum, without access to a holistic view of an individual.”

Ian Hallifax, Strategic Relationships Manager

Ian has a wealth of business experience, including strategic sales, marketing and branding. He has worked across diverse sectors including corporate, small business, and charities. Ian is also a successful businesses owner himself. He is now spearheading the team which is providing  health and wellbeing software services to our clients. He is deeply engaged in improving carers’ lives and is himself a voluntary carer.

Shelley Garlington, Sales & Marketing Consultant

Shelley is clinically qualified and has spent her career working in healthcare for both the NHS and the private sector.  Having first-hand experience in caring for a relative, Shelley sees the value of MyLiferaft in using it to organise and plan care, family time and a social life.  “I love the fact that MyLiferaft is online and accessible from my phone, computer or tablet.  It makes keeping up-to-date simple and I know I always have the information I need with me and not left at home in a file”.

Ian Garlington, Health & Social Care Consultant

Ian specialises in the NHS health and care provider sector where he has redesigned systems to work for the public in an integrated way. Ian’s initial attraction to MyLiferaft was in the observation of his aging parents, particularly his mother who has multiple long-term conditions and “doesn’t like to bother the Doctor!” As his mother lives 180 miles away, Ian believes that MyLiferaft is unique in allowing him to monitor and contribute to his mothers well-being at a distance.

Malcolm Campbell MCIM MCIPR, Marketing & Communications Consultant


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