Liferaft currently offer two accounts – a Free Account and a Premium Account.

All new subscribers will receive FREE access to the Liferaft Premium Account (see table below) for 30 days or as defined by any Promotional offers / codes.  No upfront payment details are needed to sign up.

Premium Account

Add and update your account information

View other Liferaft user's information when invited

Ability to include one other linked account

Add multiple accounts to your account

Share with unlimited Liferaft users

Access to Liferaft Advanced Reports

Use of all Liferaft Trackers 

Link to Twitter and Facebook

Link to Google calendar and contacts

Keep an online Journal

Add your favourite Bookmarks

Access resources

Free Account

View other Liferaft user's information when invited

Set up and manage an account for another person

Add a comment to a viewed user's information

Update your account information

Upgrade your account to Premium

Ideal if you are caring for someone. A Premium Account is needed for the person you are caring for.

Subscriptions FAQ’s

How much does a subscription to Liferaft cost?

Premium Account: £10 per calendar month.

Free Account: this account is free. You will be able to view information if invited by other users.  You can also become a manager for a Premium Account holder.  You can upgrade to a Premium Account (see above) at any time.

Can I try a Premium Account for free?

Yes – everyone gets a 30 day free trial so you can explore the benefits and to enable you to ensure it is right for you and your family without incurring any cost.

Can I upgrade to a Premium Account?

Yes – you can upgrade from a Free Account to a Premium Account at any time.  There is no charge for doing this other than the £10 monthly fee for your Premium Account.  All your data will be transferred.

Can I downgrade to a Free Account?

Yes – you can downgrade from Premium Account to a Free Account at any time.

How do I set up an account?

Click on the Sign Up button on this page and fill in the details

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to Liferaft, go to My Account then Account Settings and Subscriptions.  There you will see the option to cancel your subscription.

What happens to my information if I delete my account?

Deleting your account will permanently delete access to your information and if you subsequently re-subscribe for a Liferaft Account, the information you have already entered will no longer be available.

Any identifiable information is immediately deleted as your account is “anonymised”. This includes removal of name/address/email and any unique identifiers in the data. The anonymised data that is left is kept and maybe used for statistical analysis but cannot be tracked back to any individual.

Instead of cancelling your account, you can downgrade from a Premium Account to a free account in which case you can access your information in the future by subscribing to a Premium Account again. 

If you want to delete your account, login to Liferaft, go to My Account then Personal Details and select the option to Cancel Your Account at the bottom of the page.

More detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions documents.