Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that you want to ask the Liferaft team?  Need to know more information about Liferaft before you join our community?  Do you have a Liferaft account and want to know about linking to Facebook, adding an account or uploading images?

Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope will provide you with the answers you are looking for.  We have also compiled a number of Getting Started Guides to help you get up and running quickly so you can start to see the benefits of having a Liferaft account.


If we haven’t answered your question below, please send us an email on or call us on 03302 231192.  You can also send us an email via our website.

1. Getting Started

Liferaft website is blocked

You can try going directly to .

If you still have have problems you may find your organisation has a web site blocker – please contact you IT department and ask them to:

whitelist   *

This should then allow you to access the website and the Liferaft system.

No verification email

When you register for a Liferaft account, we will send you a verification email to confirm your email address.  If you have not received the email within 5-10 minutes, please check your junk email and anti-spam system.

If you still have problems please email us directly at or use the this link .

2. Using Liferaft

Can I change my privacy settings within Liferaft once I’ve created an account?

Yes, you can change what information is shared with other Liferaft users and what information they can view at any time by using permissions.

Can I manage more than one Liferaft account?

You are able to set up and manage more than one account from your own Liferaft account so that information about multiple family members can be securely stored and updated by both you and them (where able/applicable). You can also share this information with others who have/you have invited to have a Liferaft accounts so creating your own ‘care circle’.

Can I use Liferaft on my smartphone or tablet? What browsers will Liferaft work on?

We want you to get the most out of Liferaft so you can benefit from all that the portal offers.  At the present time, Liferaft has been designed specifically for tablets and computers (i.e. laptops, MACs and desktop computers).  It has not been designed to be used on a mobile phone, however this is in our future development plans.

To get the best from Liferaft, we recommend you use the following browsers in their ‘native’ modes (i.e. with no addins such as Incognito): Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  For each of these browsers, we support the current version and the previous version.

How do I add an Account for my child/someone I care for?

Click on your name in the upper right of the screen and select My Account. Then select Managed Accounts. Enter the information requested and select icon_managed-User_create-new. If the account holder has an email address they will be notified you have set up an account on their behalf. You can give the person access to interact with their own account via permissions.

How do I link to FaceBook/Twitter/Google Accounts?

Access your Account by clicking on your name in the top right of your screen. Select Social Settings. You then have the option to link to either

  • Facebook: Click on the connect with FaceBook. Liferaft will connect with any Facebook account you are logged in with at the time. If you want to select a different Facebook account ensure you are logged out of Facebook first so that you can then select the account you want to link with. Linking with Facebook lets you share your journal entries with friends.
  • Twitter: Click on the connect with FaceBook. Liferaft will connect with any Twitter account you are logged into at the time. If you want to select a different Twitter account ensure you are logged out of Twitter first so that you can then select the account you want to link with. Linking with Twitter lets you share your journal entries with friends.
  • Google Account: Click on the connect with Google Account. Liferaft will connect with any Google account you are logged into at the time. If you want to select a different Google account ensure you are logged out of all accounts first so that you can then select the account you want to link with. Linking with Google lets you add your google contacts into Liferaft and lets you share any appointments you make within Liferaft with your google calendar.

I am under 15 years old, can I use Liferaft?

Our Terms and Conditions state that you must be 16 years or over to own your own Liferaft account. If you feel that you would benefit from having a Liferaft account, then a parent or guardian will be able to create and manage an account on your behalf and also give you access to manage specific areas. The ownership of the account can be transferred back to you when you are 16 and you can then continue to maintain and manage it.

What are the benefits of linking to my Google Account?

Liferaft want’s to remove duplication of effort for you. By linking to an existing Google account you can choose to import your Google contacts. This avoids you having to repeat information and ensures all your important contacts are available to you in Liferaft. You can then invite them to have a Liferaft account allowing you to to share your information with them if you wish. You can also invite them to appointments, add them to a list of those supporting you to achieve your goals, categorize them to generate lists of contacts linked to your health care, education/work etc. You can also highlight which of your Care Circle should be contacted in the event of an emergency.

By linking to your Google calendar you can keep all your appointments in one place and take advantage of the alerting systems available on your devices. If you manage an account for a child they can have their own Liferaft calendar but by linking their calendar to yours they retain the knowledge for future reference of all their important hospital, dental, therapy appointments and these can be shared with others however you still can see all their appointments in your google calendar so having all the information in one place.

What is the dashboard?

This is the screen you come to once you have logged in. It allows you to move through the system by clicking on the icons shown on the screen. The dashboard is similar to a website ‘home-page’ – you can get to anywhere on the Liferaft system by starting at the Dashboard

Where do I change my password?

Access your account area by clicking on your name in the top upper right of your screen. From the options select My Account and from the menu on the left Password. Enter your new password and confirm by entering it a second time.

You will receive an email confirming your password has been changed. Next time you log in to your Liferaft account use your NEW password.

3. Subscriptions

How much does a subscription to Liferaft cost?

Premium Account: Costs £10 per calendar month. Everyone gets a 30 day free trial so you can explore the benefits and to enable you to ensure it is right for you and your family without incurring any cost.

Payments are then taken monthly but you can select to revert to a Free Account at any time. The change will be applied at the start of your next billing period i.e. if your monthly payment is due on the 15th of the month and you changed it on the 21st of the month, then the changes would take place from the 15th of the next month.  There are no refunds if you downgrade mid-way through a subscription period.

Free Account: Costs £0. You will however only be able to view information if invited by other users.  You can also become a manager for a Premium Account holder.  You can upgrade to a Premium Account (see above) at any time.

To see details of the different accounts please look at our Subscriptions page.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to Liferaft, go to My Account then Account Settings and Subscriptions.  There you will see the option to cancel your subscription.

What happens to my information if I delete my account?

Deleting your account will permanently delete access to your information and if you subsequently re-subscribe for a Liferaft Account, the information you have already entered will no longer be available.

Any identifiable information is immediately deleted as your account is “anonymised”. This includes removal of name/address/email and any unique identifiers in the data. The anonymised data that is left is kept and maybe used for statistical analysis but cannot be tracked back to any individual.

Instead of cancelling your account, you can downgrade from a Premium Account to a free account in which case you can access your information in the future by subscribing to a Premium Account again. 

If you want to delete your account, login to Liferaft, go to My Account then Personal Details and select the option to Cancel Your Account at the bottom of the page.

More detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions documents.

4. Other

Who are the people behind Liferaft?

Liferaft is the brainchild of Nicola Murgatroyd who is a Mum of 3 children, one of whom had a complex medical condition and needed round the clock help. Nicola’s experiences have provided much of the insight into the problems and frustrations faced by parents when placed in a caring role and we have used these experiences and our own research to create Liferaft.

Who can use Liferaft?

Everyone! We have created Liferaft so that it can offer benefits to all members of society. Whether you are an individual who wants to track their general health and medical history, if you are new parents who want to create a medical background for your child as they grow, if you have a long-term illness and wish to document your needs to avoid repetition, or if you care for a family member and need to track medication, appointments, care information and share this with a ‘care circle’. Using Liferaft can benefit you.

5. Security

Can other people see my personal information?

Not without your permission. The only way another user can see your information is if you choose to ‘share’ it with them. If you are not sharing with other users, they are unable to see your information.

How secure is the information I put in to Liferaft?

When you connect to Liferaft we use a globally recognised certificate to help protect our system (you will see a ‘padlock’ image on your screen before https://). This certificate ensures you are only connecting to Liferaft and not someone else pretending to be us.

This certificate further protects your information as anything you type in is encrypted before it gets sent across the internet from your computer to Liferaft.

What does 'encrypted' mean?

To help keep information secure, anything you type into Liferaft is converted from English into a code that is randomly selected by the computer.  This code is not recognised by anything other than the computers that operate Liferaft.

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes. We do not hold any payment information in our systems. Credit card information is managed and handled by our card payment partner, ensuring payment details are kept totally separate from your personal information.

How secure is the information that I share within Liferaft?

The more information you put in to Liferaft, the greater the benefits to you and your family, however we do understand that you may be concerned about other people accessing your information. Data privacy and security is very important to us, so when you connect to Liferaft, information sent to us is encrypted using accepted industry standards as it travels across the internet and personal information is encrypted on the server.

How do you stop people getting access to my information?

We use a number of ‘firewalls’ to prevent this from happening. Firewalls act like security guards helping to filter out unauthorised access into our system. We have multiple layers of firewalls protecting your data and they are regularly updated and their tested to ensure they are protecting the system.