Integrated Healthcare

We like to divide things up.

We like to compartmentalise our day to day ‘pain points’, as we like to think in ‘black and white’.

We draw a straight line on a map between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean while the water remains oblivious. There’s nothing wrong with this approach as it has served to differentiate one thing from another, or helped us to simplify some aspects of our lives.

But we also draw a line between the mental and physical and base our entire system of healthcare on that false polarity.

The problem that people encounter when talking about mental health is that it is still not seen as being equal priority with physical health, something that has been born out in so many news stories, from coast to coast.

The word “holistic” is often associated with scientifically dubious therapy but the science is slowly leading us towards a more holistic view of minds and bodies, so our healthcare needs to acknowledge that. There has been a growing recognition in public life about mental health issues which has gone some way toward removing the stigma. But we must all acknowledge the physical nature of mental illness and the mental nature of physical illness.

A new, more integrated, healthcare system would not only lead us toward a more person-centred care solution, but would help patients and anyone feeling distress to understand that there is no more shame to be felt than if they had tonsillitis.

Illness is illness, and health is health. There can be no “mind over matter” when we understand that mind is matter.

Liferaft has been built to de-stigmatise mental health by placing it on an equal footing with stigma-free physical issues such as asthma and arthritis.

Our application treats all conditions equally, and the many benefits that it affords are ones that fit the needs of each user, whether their issue is a physical, mental or multi-faceted.

We are all about SHARING and our integrated healthcare application enables you to share any information and help to manage your day-to-day life.  Liferaft addresses a clear need in the UK social care space for shared communication and provides a solution for the family and wider circle of care.

Liferaft can be used to record not only health and medical data, but also social, emotional and support care information; it is particularly useful when arranging respite and social care or completing lengthy forms. Furthermore, Liferaft allows people to start well, live well and age well.

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