MyLiferaft Supporting the Individual

MyLiferaft is about the person.  It is a solution that puts the individual requiring support at the centre of the care circle and empowers them to take ownership.  In doing so, we enable the individual to be confident, safe and happy in their daily lives.

Are You Sally?

MyLiferaft - Individual

Sally* is a young woman with a long-term condition and has a full and active life. She has a circle of carers who need 24/7 access to her care and health information (which she updates herself).  She wants to know:

  • What are my rights as a disabled person?
  • What online tools are available to help me manage all my university activities, my doctors & consultants, and send alerts to remind me?
  • Is there a tool where I can monitor my diet and nutrition needs?

Are You Janice?


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool



Janice* has a 24/7 care circle, and is unable to update and manage her own information.  She relies on her main carer to update her paperwork and communicate the changes in her care.  She wants to know:

  • What respite care is available for the elderly?
  • How can I keep my family updated with my care plans?
  • Where can I find out more about social care available in my local community?
  • What are the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease?

MyLiferaft can help Sally, Janice and their care circles through:

Efficiency – alerts for appointments

  • Always be prepared with up-to-date information for assessments and meetings
  • Consistent, timely, accurate information
  • Helping others to understand your needs better

Empowerment – you control and own our own information

  • You can set your own goals and monitor progress
  • Easy access to your information before and during meetings and appointments
  • Access to additional resources for making more informed decisions

Accessibility – access for you and your carer

  • All your care, health and well-being information in one place
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Accessible from any device i.e. laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Sharing – helping you to communicate your needs

  • Consistency of information being shared ensures better quality of care
  • Share what you want, when you want and with whom you want
  • Share directly with others online or send them a report

* Sally and Janice are fictional characters designed to show how MyLiferaft could support people in similar circumstances.


MyLiferaft Can Give You More

We want to help with as many aspects of your life as possible.  In our Resources section, you will find external links to sources of information on a wide range of subjects including:

  • Social care resources
  • Allowances and financial help
  • Care at home and residential care
  • Support groups
  • Government information on DLA* forms

* MyLiferaft gives you the ability to use the information in your child’s account to auto-populate the DLA form so that you do not have to spend the time completing the form by hand


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