MyLiferaft for Individuals

Do you need support from others to help you be independent?  This could be help with the shopping or gardening, getting out and about or support with personal or health care. If the answer is yes, then having an easy way of letting others know and understand your needs is important.

MyLiferaft is an online tool that lets you do this. You add information, selecting which areas are important and relevant to you. You then decide what information would be helpful to others so they can assist you in the way you want. Sometimes sharing information will help others organise their lives so you benefit more. 

The great thing is that with a MyLiferaft account you will have one central place to keep track of important information.  You can ask someone to help you manage this if needed, but you still get to contribute and be involved.

What Individuals told us

  • I have to repeat the same information over and over
  • I can’t remember who I’ve told what to
  • I worry someone has old information
  • I worry people won’t know who to contact if I have an accident
  • I worry people won’t know my medical information if I have an accident
  • What would happen if I couldn’t tell people about me
  • Trying to find information about care is difficult
  • Trying to find information about benefits is hard
  • Letting employers understand my needs can be embarrassing
  • Keeping track of equipment provider information becomes difficult

MyLiferaft helping Individuals

  • Store health, well-being and care information in one accessible place (24/7)
  • Record hospital/GP visits, operations, test results
  • Keep track of medicines you are taking and have a history of past medications
  • Share care information with those who help you
  • Track information over time e.g weight, mood, blood pressure etc
  • Monitor achievements and set new goals
  • Use the reports to share information with others
  • Access a database of helpful resources and recommend resources for others

Creating a MyLiferaft Account

Click on the Log in/ Sign Up button and follow the steps



MyLiferaft - info overload


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Visit the FAQs to find out more or contact us if you don’t find the answer.


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