Hospital Passport

The Hospital Passport


Going into hospital is a worrying time for any of us. It can be even harder for someone who has a learning disability.

The Hospital Passport is an NHS initiative to help those with learning difficulties and is designed to give hospital staff helpful information that isn’t only about illness and health. It can sometimes be given a different name, like “personal record” or “my biography”, and may look different from hospital to hospital, but it is the information in it that is key to supporting the individual.

It’s about giving individuals who find it difficult to let others know how they like to be supported, what their likes and dislikes are, what help they need/don’t need, and generally have their voice heard, making their time in hospital more comfortable for the individual and their family.


MyLiferaft - Hospital Passport


What information is included in my Hospital Passport?

You will often find that you repeat the information a Hospital Passport contains over and over when talking to a member of your care circle or support team, with information including:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • The amount of physical contact you’re OK with
  • What you liked to be called
  • How you communicate and like to be communicated with
  • What distresses you and how to avoid being distressed
  • How I move around
  • How I let you know when I’m in pain

The passport helps people know how to make you feel comfortable.  It doesn’t do away with conversations, but it does go a long way to making sure those conversations are more meaningful and focused.


What other names can a Hospital Passport be called?

 You may also hear the Hospital Passport referred to as:

  • A Personal Record
  • All About Me
  • My Biography
  • Get Me Better

What does it look like?

Below are two examples of what a Hospital Passport could look like.  It is always best to ask the hospital you are attending if they have their own version.  In some cases, specific charities also have their own dedicated Hospital Passports, like the National Autistic Society here.

Don’t forget – it is not about what the Hospital Passport looks like, but the information that is in it.


MyLiferaft - Hospital Passport                       MyLiferaft - Hospital Passport


How does using MyLiferaft help me complete my Hospital Passport?

When using a Liferaft Premium Account, you only need to add all your critical information once and update it when something changes.  This same information can then be used to create different reports, of which the Hospital Passport is one.

Below is for an example of the Hospital Passport that has been created using Liferaft:  Hospital Passport

You can:

  • Downloaded the Hospital Passport and take it with you as a printed copy
  • Email the Hospital Passport to the person who is helping you

If you want to try a MyLiferaft account you can sign up for a no obligation trial.  If you are a parent carer, first set up an account for yourself and you will be guided on how to set up and manage an account for your child.

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