Welcome to MyLiferaft and thank you for sponsoring Will in his World Record Breaking Challenge to raise money for Help See the Blind . Along with you we think Will is amazing and wish him the best of luck, and are happy to sponsor him.

We are delighted to see that you would like to take up our Thank You gift, worth a £120,  of a Premium MyLiferaft account for 12 months*.

MyLiferaft at a glance

We recognise that life isn’t always straight forward and caring for someone can bring added stress and worry.  MyLiferaft gives you unique and practical help with the many components of care. Add information to your account, access it 24/7, have it there to refer to and use again. You can also set up an account for someone you care for.

You can personalise the features you want to use:  A example of what is available is shown below, but it’s best to create your account, (using PROMO CODE: SEE365) log in and take a look for yourself.


Store contacts, their relationship  to you, call or message them anytime, share information with them


Monitor and track e.g weight, mood, blood pressure. See graphs of changes over time.


Keep a record of how you are feeling or what you have been doing. Use it as a diary and, if you want, share it with others.


Complete and print variety of Forms. Emergency Card, Personal Fire Risk Assessment

Generate reports: Hospital Passport, DLA, All about Me etc


List your goals, set out the actions you need to take to achieve them, and monitor your progress.  Share with other who will help you.


Use reminders so you don’t forget, e.g. to take your medication, book a dentist appointment, renew your passport. Choose to receive them immediately or as a daily summary.


Add in appointments and share with others who support you, to help them plan their time.


Access and search resources covering a wide selection of topics and services related to health, care and well-being. Option to recommend resources to be added.

Everything about you:

Social: Life story, faith, hobbies, likes and dislikes, education

Medical: Diagnoses, medications, GP visits, allergies

Care: Mobility, communication, eating, washing etc.


Create your MyLiferaft account


Complete the form adding the promotional code SEE365


*After the promotional period is over, none of your information is lost and you can continue to use MyLiferaft either as a Free Standard Account or upgrade and continue with the Premium Account.  Code to be USED BY 30th Nov 2020