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William Kent Blind Teenager Guinness World record Challenge

MyLiferaft  are delighted to be sponsoring blind teenager, William Kent,  in a world record attempt to help over 2.5 million people living with sight loss in the UK

 William Kent (18), will navigate the unpredictable waters of Loch Tay in August, standing on a paddle board in order to break a brand new world record and raise money for a revolutionary new on-line portal designed to change the lives of people living with sight loss.

In order to achieve the world record, William is required to paddle blindfolded, one kilometre along the Loch in under six minutes.

William, who lost his sight at the age of nine because of Stargardt’s disease, has a fund-raising target of £25,000, which is the first-stage development total required to launch a new  ‘Help See The Blind’ on-line portal, designed to help blind and partially-sighted people achieve their career goals and ambitions.

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William’s father Leslie Kent, who is also losing his sight says “We see living with blindness or being partially sighted as an enabler to success.”

MyLiferaft as a product has been developed as an innovative online tool designed to support people living with disability or illness of any kind, be it long or short term. MyLiferaft  supports the individual but also their wider circle of carers, family, friends, employers, health care professional etc.

How is that? 

Detailed information about health, care and wellbeing needs are recorded, updated and shared.  This means easier and consistent communication, greater continuity of care, less worry about keeping everyone in the loop, less need for repetition, greater accuracy of recall, more opportunity for others to offer help and to ask for help.

Additional practical tools include: creating an emergency card complete with QR code for use by emergency service staff to scan with their phones  to access vital information. Ability to  complete a personal home fire risk assessment, printing a hospital passport so hospital staff know and understand your needs from admission.  Setting up reminders, appointments, goals all designed to be person centred and owned and managed by the individual. Account holders can also access a wide range of resources and we look forward to adding the Help See the Blind portal to that list.

William is appealing for financial support for his challenge from individuals and businesses from across Scotland and beyond. William said, “We have a target of £25,000. I have support from a UK-based company called MyLiferaft which is an online platform that supports people being cared for and their carers, so they are a great fit, however I would love to have further sponsorship and donations from everyone, everywhere to support my challenge.”

William’s progress can be followed/donations made  at:

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Dogs watching training in progress