Help With Christmas Stress

Sometimes even the experts need a little help staying holly and jolly!


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At Liferaft, we know that Christmas time can be a stressful time of year. Research shows holiday season stress can feel insurmountable. No one is immune. Mental health professionals, who are usually helping others manage emotions, put their own advice into practice as the year winds down.

Wonder what their secrets are? Then put down your mince pie for a second, and read our tip list from the experts to help you handle festive stress:

Set aside a few minutes to meditate

Manage festive stress by engaging in a self-care activity, like exercise or mindfulness meditation. Practice mindfulness during the day to help take one thing at a time and not worry about everything else on your plate.

Write a To Do List

This doesn’t work for everyone, but If you are a ‘list person’, take the time to tick things off the list and get a sense of achievement.

Tell yourself it’s OK to take a break from family

They all come with stress, tension and a unique history all packed into small rooms for long hours during the holidays. Try to be prepared as knowing who will be there and who triggers hot buttons in others and in you can head off heated discussions. Knowing you can leave the room or the conversation is good prevention planning.

Spend time unplugged

It is important that somehow we all ‘turn off’ some of the phones, computers and sign out so you can have some time away from the beeps, alerts and updates.

Let go of perfection

It can be important for seasonal stress management to accept imperfection, whether it must do with how a party might go, how many people you get to see, what presents you buy or don’t buy or whether you meet others expectations or not.

Pay attention to the signs you might be stressed

Pay attention to when you begin to feel stress or you notice some familiar signs. Try to take time to figure our what you need to delegate.

Most of all though…..

Christmas is a time for family, friends, laughter and love, too much food and raiding the chocolate supply!  If you recognise some of the things from our list above in advance, you will hopefully be prepared for them and manage to keep hold of your ‘ho ho ho’!

We now have a useful resources page on our website that can help point you in the right direction when it comes to getting some support or help with mental health, or stress-related issues.

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