MyLiferaft Launch Free Subscription Package!

MyLiferaft, the support software for anyone with a long-term condition or disability and their care circle, is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new FREE Subscription package.


MyLiferaft - Any Time


With users in mind MyLiferaft is now available FREE, no payment details are needed to create and use an account, and you can have access to a wide range of tools to assist you in managing your care and health.

To give users choice, there is also the offer of a Premium account.   This offers a wider range of features and sharing.

Create your FREE account today – just click on Sign Up Now, download our Quick Start Guide and you are ready to start using MyLiferaft!

Key Features

MyLiferaft gives you one secure place online to manage and update and share, all your personal health, well-being and care information using a laptop, tablet or phone at any time of day or night.

With a Free account you can:

  • Set up and manage an account for yourself, or someone else (i.e. a parent carer can set up an account for their child and/or elderly relative).
  • Share information with two people in your care circle
  • Add and update vital information about you or the person you are caring for
  • Capture and keep a history of yourself in terms of your health and well being
  • Access information for completing forms to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Access the wide range of MyLiferaft resources, news and events
  • Create calendar entries and reminders to help manage meetings and appointments
  • Keep an online journal to record activities, progress, feelings

Upgrade to a Premium account and unlock additional features to:

  • Share information you select with as many people within your care circle as you choose
  • Access the full range of MyLiferaft Reports. These can be downloaded or shared online with people in your care circle which helps remove repetition and duplication of information
  • Use the full range of Trackers to track a wider range of your care and well-being such as medication, temperature and mood
  • Use the full range of Goals to keep you motivated and track your progress and achievement over time

These are just a snap shot of the features of MyLiferaft; to find out more about the difference MyLiferaft can make, please click here.

About MyLiferaft

MyLiferaft was created by technology entrepreneur Nicola Murgatroyd. Her eldest daughter had complex special needs, and Nicola faced real problems managing her care effectively.

“My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place. Nothing can ever really prepare you for parenthood, and caring for a child with additional needs carries extra challenges. However, there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with MyLiferaft – a tool that supports true person-centred care.”


MyLiferaft - Nicola Murgatroyd


To find out more about Nicola’s story and MyLiferaft, click here.