MyLiferaft for Friends

Having friends who are there when you need them is a vital and natural part of living within society.  However  circumstances can suddenly change, an accident, a bereavement, an illness and this can have a big impact on the dynamics of any relationship.

There can be feelings of fear, anxiety, maybe a sense of bewilderment and loss. These feelings can be overwhelming and people might withdraw and drift away just when support is needed more than ever.

What Friends worry about

  • I might do something wrong
  • I could do more harm than good
  • I don’t want to offend
  • I feel embarrassed having to ask
  • I might embarrass them by having to talk about personal details with me
  • I don’t know how to help
  • I wouldn’t know what to do or who to contact in an emergency
  • I wouldn’t know who their doctor is

MyLiferaft Helping Friends

Friendship is a two way process and both parties can benefit from having a MyLiferaft account. Use the account to help to express your needs and share this with your friends.  They will be more comfortable knowing and understanding exactly how you want to be supported. Sharing can bring you closer.

  • Setting up an account and working through sections together can help form better relationships and understanding. Pick and choose what to add.
  • Sharing information helps everyone know exactly what to do so they don’t have to ask. But you remain in control over who sees what.
  • Sharing reports means only changing information once and everyone is able to see the new information.
  • Using some of the features can help with specific aspects e.g a problem with memory can be helped by reminders, calendar, journal.
  • Track information over time
  • Access a wide range of helpful resources

Creating an account is easy

Click on the Log in/ Sign Up button and follow the steps


MyLiferaft - info overload


Review the features. You can personalise your account so you only see what you want to see

Resources for friends

Quickly and easily find resources to help friends. Search the list. Recommend resources to help others.