Supporting your family

MyLiferaft has been created based on our founder’s first-hand experience of problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles.  We want to empower parents who feel a lack of control over their child’s care: MyLiferaft is a valuable and easily accessible communication tool.

Sarah* has two children, one of whom, Mark, needs additional support and both children are in school.  She is constantly amazed at the volume of paper that is required in caring for a disabled child and the amount of repetition of information she has to ‘share’ with other people in her child’s circle of care.  Like other parents in a similar position, she often asks the following questions:

  • How do I gather the information to complete the disability living allowance for my child?
  • What health and social care is available to support my child?
  • How can I reduce the amount of paperwork that I need to carry around with me to care and medical appointments?
  • What help is there for sharing information about my child without the constant need for writing mails, notes and telephoning people?

MyLiferaft can help with all of these issues and more:


Empowerment: You are in control

  • Create, save and share plans for health, education and well-being
  • Keep everything in one place to help you prepare for attending appointments and assessments
  • Monitor important items using special trackers and then share with those who need to be informed

Efficiency: No more searching for information and bits of paper

  • Everything in one centrally secure, online location
  • Information entered once and the ability to re-use it time and again, reducing repetition and avoiding miscommunication
  • Managing and sharing calendar appointments with others
  • Set reminders about key events and medication etc.

Communication: Keeping everyone informed

  • Sharing from a single source ensures improved achievements and continuity of care as everyone is working to the same plans
  • Sharing information gives people a holistic view of your child; supporting them to provide the best care, diagnosis, plans, treatments and interventions

To further support parents like Sarah*, our Resources section also contains many external websites that could offer practical information and help with sourcing goods and services.


*Sarah is a fictional character designed to show how MyLiferaft could support people in similar circumstances