An Emergency Card

It is a credit card sized card carrying essential medical information about you. By utilising the MyLiferaft Platform, if you suddenly become ill and need to go to Accident and Emergency, it can give the ambulance staff, nurses and doctors this essential information in a quick and easy way.

Create your Emergency Card and keep it with you, contains:

  • Name, next of kin, emergency contact, your GP, NHS Number
  • Medical history, allergies, medications
  • If you are a carer or have a pet at home
  • A scannable QR code with more detailed information

The Emergency Card sits within your own smart personal healthcare record, enabling you to update emergency information.

“I was so grateful I’d created a card for my mother, she fell when out shopping and thanks to her having the emergency card I was contacted quickly and the first responders identified her as a diabetic but also as someone with dementia.  Something that isn’t always obvious when you first meet her!” J.K. Hertfordshire.

“I had to call the ambulance as my husband was unconscious. I gave them the emergency card as I couldn’t accompany him to hospital. This saved valuable minutes and the paramedic said everyone should have one” N.M. Isle of Wight .