I have dementia, I can’t tell you who I am but MyLiferaft can!

What ever impact dementia is having on your life be that; memory, thinking speed, understanding, judgement, mood or movement, having a central record of your needs and information to help others understand you is really helpful.

Work with your family and friends to re-create your life story.  Share so others will know you better and be able to support you live life the way you want.  Someone can manage your account for you if you’d prefer.

Keep a list of your contacts, their relationship to you and what they mean to you. Share information with them.

Record health problems, allergies, medications, include where you keep them, support you might need in ordering/taking them.

Describe what help you need with personal care. What choices you like to make.


Tell others what you like/don’t like. What makes you happy/upset

If your memory isn’t so good set up reminders. You and others benefit knowing what needs doing when.

Create an emergency card, a hospital passport. So others know and understand your needs better. Carry out a personal fire risk assessment.

Keep a daily journal. Add in photos. Share with family and friends.

There are plenty more features..Keep track of items such as weight, mood. There is a calendar. Record your goals, keep track of visits to the GP and hospital, keep track of eye, hearing, dental checks…Sign up to see more!

Dementia affects people in different ways and research is continuing on how best to support everyone, however it has been recognised that the following does bring comfort (and a smile!) to those with dementia and those supporting them!

  • Looking at old photographs of people and places can sometimes jog a memory.
  • Listening to music together and if you can remember the words, sing!
  • Playing with sensory items such as blankets, beads and certain toys.
  • If you have a child or young person in your family, involve them in a conversation with the person who has dementia; the outcome is often unexpected, but joyous!
  • Being outdoors whether it’s pottering in the garden or going to a ‘safe place’ such as a local garden centre or park.