Seasons Greetings

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WOW – where did the year go?!

Are you fully embracing the festive season writing lists and wrapping presents or, are you hiding behind a big tin of chocolates trying not to think about everything you have to do!?  Well, which ever camp you fall in to, Christmas is most definitely around the corner!

It has been quite a year for the team here with so much having happened – here’s a snapshot:

  • The new home-page for our website has been launched making it easier for you to find your way around our site.
  • Updates to MyLiferaft have included the addition of messaging, a more colourful interface and streamlining of some features.
  • Ed Moses, Deputy Director of the Department of Health talked about MyLiferaft in a recent speech.
  • We’ve supported more charities and awareness campaigns via our blogs.
  • Our social media reach has grown – thank you for following us and keeping us on our social toes! Please continue to like and share our posts.
  • We were featured in the brilliant UCan2 Magazine – you can read the articles here.
  • We’ve attended several large health and technology exhibitions and have received lots of positive feedback.

Launch of New Subscriptions

In September we launched two new accounts which give you the flexibility to choose the one that works best for you and your family.  All new MyLiferaft subscribers’ are now set up with a Standard account automatically and no payment details are needed!  However, you can also upgrade to a MyLiferaft Premium account at any time to have access to the full range of benefits.  For more details of the two accounts or to try now, click here.

Sofia’s Story

Earlier this year, we shared with you Sofia’s Story which is based on the experiences of MyLiferaft Founder & CEO, Nicola Murgatroyd and her daughter Faith.  We have showed this video to lots of people over the last few months – business leaders, users of MyLiferaft, charities and carers – and all fully understand how MyLiferaft can make a positive change to people’s lives.


MyLiferaft - Christmas Decorations


Festive School Holiday Activities

There is always that difficult few days between school breaking up and Father Christmas’s arrival where it can be difficult to keep your children entertained.  Don’t despair as MyLiferaft can help!  We’ve put together a list of activities for all ages and abilities that will keep you and children happy!

  • Make a Christmas wreath – you may be able to use a few bits from the garden or collect twigs, cones and foliage on a walk.
  • If you are into baking, bake some Christmas biscuits and let the children go mad decorating them. This is brilliant albeit a little messy, but at least you have a treat for afternoon tea!
  • Snuggle up with your favourite Christmas movie – and don’t forget the snacks!
  • If you love crafts, then making Christmas bunting to hang round the house and in the children’s bedrooms could while away a few hours!
  • Make some paper snow-flakes to put on the windows.

To see more ideas and suggestions for school holiday activities, see our Resources.  We would love to hear if you have a festive activity that you would like to share with the rest of the MyLiferaft community!  Just send it to

Stress Free Christmas

Getting to the big Ho Ho Ho and then ‘mopping up’ after Christmas can be a stressful time for many; concerns over cost, how to manage family dynamics, maintaining healthy regimes and managing expectations.  Below are links to several websites to give a guiding hand.

New For 2019


MyLiferaft - Tablet


There are exciting times ahead in 2019 for MyLiferaft!

  • We continue to review our website to make sure it is delivering up-to-date information through our blog as well as in our Events and Resources pages.
  • For those of you that use MyLiferaft through your mobile phone, watch out for our improved interface!
  • We are excited to be working with two specialist universities on joint research and how MyLiferaft can make positive changes to people’s lives.

Be sure to keep signed up to our Newsletter so you are the first to hear our news!

We love hearing from our MyLiferaft community, so if you have something to say, something to share or need some support on using MyLiferaft, then please contact us via;

From everyone at the MyLiferaft team, may I personally take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during 2018, and to wish you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.



Nicola Murgatroyd
CEO & Founder of MyLiferaft



Autumn Newsletter

MyLiferaft Autumn Newsletter

I think we can truly say that Autumn has arrived with a blaze of glorious colour across the trees and low sun shine blinding those of us in the car on the school run!  It has been a busy Summer for the MyLiferaft team, attending several shows and exhibitions around the country, meeting some amazing people and hearing about their inspiring stories.

We have also launched our new Free Account, rolled out several new features within the system, supported many awareness campaigns through our blogs and visited several specialist schools.  We were hoping things would quieten down, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen!

New Subscription Options

You may have received our Newsletter dedicated to the launch of the new Freemium subscription packages.  You now have the flexibility to choose the subscription option that works best for YOU and YOUR family. Use the Free account or upgrade to the paid Premium account which gives you unlimited access to Trackers, Reports and Goals, as well as the ability to share the information with as many people as you wish.

For more information, see our Subscriptions page.


MyLiferaft - Freemium

Blue Badge Criteria

From 2019, the Blue Badge scheme has been extended to include people with ‘hidden’ disabilities, such as those with autism and mental health issues.  This is a major and positive step forward for both individuals and parent carers who look after a child with a hidden disability.  To find out, visit the Government website.

Q&A With MyLiferaft Founder



We often mention our CEO and Founder, Nicola Murgatroyd, but how much do you really know about her?  Find out the real story that inspired Nicola to create MyLiferaft, her biggest challenges when looking after her daughter Faith and why she is happy to share her Shetland ponies!

It’s Getting Spooky!

The time of witches, wizards, pumpkins and all things scary is fast approaching so make sure you are prepared!  The MyLiferaft team have put together their Top Tips for Halloween:

  • If you are carving pumpkins, then find a good recipe for pumpkin soup.  You can freeze individual portions and take them out of the freezer when needed.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with their door bell ringing constantly on the night of All Hallows Eve, so if you ARE happy to accept Trick or Treaters, then leave a lit pumpkin outside your front door.
  • The little battery-operated tea lights make for a much safer option than candles for lighting up pumpkins.
  • If you are going Trick or Treating, it would be wise to check out your route first if possible.

MyLiferaft - Halloween

Halloween Half-Term fun

Try some of the following suggestions:

  • Stock up on spooky craft activities from Hobbycraft and other craft shops
  • Visit a local National Trust property as many have pumpkin carving and spooky trails for children
  • Get the green and orange food colouring out and bake a Halloween inspired Victoria Sponge!
  • Have a movie afternoon and watch a ‘child friendly’ scary movie
  • Look out for Halloween parties in your local area that are suitable for children


Our website has an Events section where you will find listed a number of local and national events that we think our users would be interested in.  If you are running an event and would like to share it for others to see, then please let us know.  Below are a few of the events coming up during November:

  • Allergy & Free From Show in Liverpool (3-4Nov)
  • Kidz to Adultz in Manchester (8Nov)
  • The Care Roadshow in London (13Nov)
  • The Occupational Therapy Show in Birmingham (21-22Nov)

Social Media

You may have come across MyLiferaft in Twitter and Facebook as we find it is a great way of communicating with not only our users, but other groups and individuals who have a similar outlook to us in helping to support those that need it most.  Please follow us using @myliferaft and keep up-to-date with activities, stories making the news and stories that we think should be making the news!

Best wishes from

The MyLiferaft Team

Summer Newsletter 2018

Summer Newsletter!

Welcome to the Summer Newsletter from the MyLiferaft Team!  If like us you have been making the most of the glorious weather, you may have lost count of the different sun factors to be found in the fridge!

There have been lots of Top Tips on the television, radio and in newspapers for staying cool, however here are a few more from the team:

  • Half fill children’s water bottles with ice-cubes so they stay cooler for longer
  • Use freezer ice sachets in picnics and packed lunches to keep food cold if freezer blocks are too large
  • Keep sun-tan and after-sun in the fridge (this is a favourite of the team!)
  • Join your children in the paddling pool, even if you just dip your feet in!  The water can also be used for watering plants, so you are recycling as well as staying safe!
  • Fill a hot water bottle……wait for it……….with ice cubes & cold water!

Schools Out!


MyLiferaft - School Holidays


If you have children, you are probably only a matter of days away from their school breaking for the Summer and whether you are a working parent, or a stay-at-home parent, it pays to plan ahead if you can.  MyLiferaft have a great section in their Resources for ideas and suggestions to help you through the next few weeks, however here are a few more to add to the list!

  • Have a Mini-Masterchef competition and make sure you include tidying up as part of the end result!
  • Create some puppets out of old socks and let the children make up a puppet show for you
  • If the weather is not so great, pull the curtains, get out the pop-corn and have a movie afternoon at home
  • If you have a garden, vegetable plot or allotment, get the children to help with the digging, weeding, collecting and eating your harvest!
  • Use the internet to find what you have in your kitchen to make up science experiments (this one is a favourite with one of the Dad’s in the MyLiferaft team!)

Keep  a record of  what you get up to in your MyLiferaft Journal and share it with friends and family. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today and use the holidays to update information ready for sharing at the start of next term.

EHC News

A new plan was published by the Government earlier this Summer which would see EHC plans maintained up to the age of 25, where a young person has additional needs and would like to continue their further education.  This allows the individual to continue within the education system much longer than they would have been able to previously whilst being supported by an EHC plan.  To find out more, click here.

The Goals and Actions area in MyLiferaft is an excellent place to document and monitor the goals and actions related to those in the ECH plan. Sharing this section of information with others can help ensure a consistent approach with the aim of  improved progress.

Events & Resources

The MyLiferaft Events page lists events around the country that we feel  would be of interest to our users.  These range from specific shows such as the Autism Shows & Child Care Expo to Kidz to Adultz.  Coming into the Summer, there are not many national events taking place, however if you have an event you would like us to list, please contact us.


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Resources


Our Resources section is a one-stop shop of external websites offering help, support, advice and guidance on a number of topics.  If you are looking for information on Dementia, Allergies, Asperger’s, grants, social care, SEND and an extensive list of other subjects around caring for someone with additional needs and/or learning disabilities, then our Resources lists a website that can help you.

Stay In Touch

Many of you have already contacted us with valuable feedback – please keep it coming as your voice really does make a difference.  Contact us via:

Have a great summer.


Nicola & the MyLiferaft Team

May Newsletter

Would it be to soon to say that after the sunny Bank Holiday, Winter is well and truly behind us?!  Fingers crossed as the team here were definitely starting to get ‘cabin fever’ being stuck in with the rain pounding on the windows!  There is lots to update you on in this Newsletter, so let’s crack on! 

Product Enhancements

We have been busy working behind the scenes to make Liferaft bigger, better and offer you more in the way of support.  if you or a loved one have a long-term disability or if you just need somewhere to keep all your information together in one central place, Liferaft is like having a digital personal assistant!

MyLiferaft - Organisation

  • You can now message someone directly from within your Liferaft account to aid communication between everyone in your care circle.
  • Receive email notifications of upcoming events and you choose if you want these immediately, daily, weekly.
  • There is a new selection screen to easily jump to the account of someone you are caring for or someone who is sharing information with you.

Now is a great time to log in to Liferaft and take a look.  If you don’t already have an account, all new accounts get a 30 day FREE no obligation trial of the full Premium Account.  Once you get started, entering information can become addictive and the more you add, the greater the benefits to you.  This Getting Started Guide will help get you started!

Frankie & Lola’s Story

As part of Autism Awareness Week in March, we stumbled across an amazing story about a young fundraiser and her autistic uncle.  We were so touched and moved by their story, that we wanted to find out more and share it with you!  To read more about Lola and Frankie, click here to read our blog.


MyLiferaft - Holly


Liferaft Supporting the Individual

If you are a young person or an adult that has a long-term disability, we wanted to make you aware of the ways in which Liferaft can help you and your care circle.  It is often very difficult to take ownership for your own care when there is so much to do, lots to remember and different forms to complete.  Liferaft will help empower you to confidently take ownership of all this in one central and secure place.  We want you to be able to:

  • Avoid having to tell your story over and over again to each new carer
  • Keep vital information in one accessible place
  • Maintain continuity of information which in turn can help with continuity of care
  • Give you peace of mind

Having a Liferaft Premium Account can help you with completing elements of the DLA form, keep track of your medication, fill in your Hospital Passport and share your information online with your care circle.

If you would like more information about Liferaft and how it can help you, please click here.

Data Protection Changes

You are probably aware from several of the emails in your inbox over recent weeks that the laws around data protection are changing and that the way that companies communicate via email is changing.  We want to ensure that you are happy for us to continue to sending you Newsletters and as a result, we shall be sending you an email in the next week asking your permission for us to continue to keep in contact.

Epilepsy Awareness Week


MyLiferaft - Epilepsy


Monday 14 May kicks off a week of activities raising awareness and much needed research funds for epilepsy.  With 87 people being diagnosed with epilepsy every day, it is so important that we understand how we can support friends and family as well as how we can become involved in raising awareness.  To find out more, read our blog.


There are several events going on this month that you may be interested in finding out more about:

Care Roadshow in Liverpool – 15th May

Kidz to Adultz in Farnborough – 17th May

The Transition Event in Coventry – 17th May

For more events or to add a local event to the Liferaft calendar, please click here 

We always love hearing from our users whether it is with feedback or suggestions for new features.  To contact the team, click here


The Liferaft team


Easter Newsletter

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Logo

Easter Newsletter

Spring has sprung here at Liferaft!


With Easter quickly approaching and World Autism Awareness Week taking place this week, there is plenty of things to get involved with this month. Read on to see how Liferaft can help you.

Autism Awareness Week


MyLiferaft - Girl with Teddy


World Autism Awareness Week began on 26th March and culminates on World Autism Day on 2nd April. The National Autistic Society is the leading UK charity for autistic people, including those with Asperger’s Syndrome, and their families. They run this awareness week each year to raise money and highlight the support needed.

Parents of those with autism worry over the ability to provide effective care for their children. As a parent of a child with disabilities, our founder experienced similar worries when she designed Liferaft, a tool to manage the care of her child.

Since its development, many other parent carers have benefited from its ability to manage care, including parents of children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Discover how you can benefit from using Liferaft and for more about World Autism Awareness Week.

Easter Holidays


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Painted Fingers


It can be difficult to keep your children entertained through the school holidays, particularly if they have additional needs.

From Easter Egg hunts around the home to arts and craft afternoons, or enjoying the springtime weather in the local park, our Resources will help spark your imagination for an Egg-tastic Easter!

Don’t miss our list of Resources to make planning your holiday activities easier!

Watch Sofia’s Story

Inspired by the experiences of Liferaft founder & CEO Nicola Murgatroyd and her daughter Faith, Liferaft have launched ‘Sofia’s Story’ – a short video that outlines how Liferaft can help a child, or adult, with long-term care needs, their parents and their care circle.


MyLiferaft - Sofia's Story

Watch our new video and learn about the many ways in which Liferaft can make a positive difference.

Key Events in April

As well as World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April and the Easter Holidays, there are is a great selection of events taking place this month.

The Care Roadshow 
Glasgow – 17th April, 9:30am – 3:00pm

Care Roadshow Glasgow provides the perfect opportunity to source the latest innovations in the care industry, hear sector updates and enjoy valuable networking opportunities.  Find out more »

Birmingham, 25th-26th April, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Naidex is Europe’s most far-reaching event dedicated to the disability, independent living and healthcare professional sectors, taking place at the NEC Birmingham. Obtain free tickets via the Naidex website.  Find out more »

The Baby & Toddler Show
Glasgow, 27th-29th April, 10:00am – 5:00pm

This show offers over 150 top brands and unique products, at the best prices, alongside expert advice to give new and expectant parents in Scotland everything they need to give their baby the best start.  Find out more »

Create Your Hospital Passport


MyLiferaft - Hospital Passport


Going into hospital is a worrying time for any of us. It can be even harder for someone who has a learning disability.

The Hospital Passport is an NHS initiative to help those with learning difficulties and is designed to give hospital staff additional information to help them understand your child’s needs. This can include their likes and dislikes as well as information about their health and wellbeing.

How does using Liferaft help me complete my Hospital Passport?

When using a Liferaft Premium Account, you only need to add all your critical information once and then update it when something changes.  You then use this information to create your individual Passport.

With Liferaft you can:

  • Download the Hospital Passport and take it with you as a printed copy
  • Email the Hospital Passport to the person who is helping you
  • Share the information directly by inviting others to view it in Liferaft

Happy Easter!


Liferaft - Easter


Look out for our next Newsletter which will bring exciting news about some new features being launched in Liferaft.

With best wishes for Easter.

The Liferaft Team.

February Newsletter


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February Newsletter!


Welcome to your first 2018 newsletter from the Liferaft team


February is a busy month for many of us, with lots of events and activities taking place. For parents, half-term is quickly approaching. Then there’s also the fun of Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day to get involved in!

New Year’s Resolutions

MyLiferaft - 2018 Goals

We traditionally begin every year evaluating what we achieved in the year gone by, and the things we wished we had worked on. The start of a new year is the perfect chance to create a set of resolutions to work towards, from keeping fit to learning a new skill.

If, by February, you feel you’re already starting to waiver, have you considered tracking your progress. Keeping on top of your progress boosts your confidence and helps you focus your energy.

Liferaft’s goals and trackers can help you set and achieve your January Resolutions – it’s not too late so give it a go today!

Half-Term Holidays

Liferaft - School Holidays

It only seems like a moment ago that children were off for the Christmas Holidays when suddenly the February half-term approaches!

We know that it can be difficult to keep your children entertained, especially when they have additional needs.  Then you have the unpredictable British winter weather to content with……planning activities while your child is off school is no easy task.

To help, the team have come up with a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Plan a day out at a local National Trust location
  • Visit a Hobbycraft or other arts and craft shop for creative activities
  • Settle down for a home movie afternoon with homemade popcorn
  • Take a trip to the local museum or library

We have also compiled a list of resources to make your planning easier – whether you want to get away on a family break or find some inspiration – just click here.

Friday 13th Pancake Day!

MyLiferaft - Pancakes

This year, February 13th marks one of the yummiest days of the year, Shrove Tuesday – more commonly known as Pancake Day.

If you’re looking to make pancakes with your children, CBeebies have created a simple recipe that you can download and print. Take a look here.

We love Pancake Day here at Liferaft, although we find it hard to agree on what toppings we enjoy the most! From sweet to savoury, MumsNet have a great variety of flavours to try here.

Let us know on Facebook what your favourite pancake fillings and toppings are!

Valentine’s Day Activities

MyLiferaft - Valentine Crafts

If Pancake Day wasn’t enough of a treat, the next day is Valentine’s Day!

It’s another opportunity to help children get involved with creative play, developing motor and communication skills.

The AngelSense blog have put together 4 Valentine’s crafts for children with special needs that you can tailor for your child. Find out more about the activities here.

Give the Gift of Liferaft

Take the opportunity to get our Premium Account FREE!

We are offering our Premium Account FREE for 6 months when you sign-up using the code SANTA17 before 28th February 2018.

As a parent carer, a professional carer or someone who lives with a long-term condition, Liferaft can help you and your family.  Our Premium Account allows you to:

  • Reduce the need for repetition of information
  • Keep vital information in one accessible place
  • Share information to ensure continuity of care
  • Have peace of mind

Sign up NOW using the code SANTA17!

Luke Reade & Liferaft

Luke Reade & Liferaft


MyLiferaft - Luke Reade


The motor fanatics at the Liferaft Team are thrilled that we are once again supporting Luke Reade as he returns for a 2nd season in the Renault UK Clio Cup this year.

Having raced on tracks around the country, including the home on motor racing Silverstone, Luke says “I believe we have a strong chance of going for podiums and even pushing for race wins in 2018.”

To read the full article, click here.

To find out more about Luke Reade, you can follow him on Twitter @LukeReade 


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Logo


Liferaft is a powerful online resource that assists and addresses a wide range of health and social care demands. You know how much you wished everything that was important to your diary life were in one place? Well now it is! To find out how Liferaft can help you and your loved ones, visit or see us on Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas Newsletter


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Christmas Newsletter


Merry Christmas from the Liferaft team!


This month, we’re looking forward to all the festivities this time of year brings, from Christmas dinner with the family to thinking of new goals for the year ahead.

Our Special Festive Offer

As a parent carer, a professional carer or someone who lives with a long-term condition, Liferaft can help you. Our Premium Account allows you to:

  • Avoid having to repeat yourself
  • Keep vital information in one accessible place
  • Ensure continuity of information within a care circle
  • Have peace of mind

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from having a Liferaft Premium Account, then we have the perfect present!

We are offering our Premium Account FREE for 6 months when you sign-up using the code SANTA17 before 28th February 2018.  Don’t delay! To sign up today for our Festive Offer, click here.

MyLiferaft - Christmas Present

Liferaft at Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas began at Liferaft on December 13th! We’re celebrating our favourite time of year with our #LiferaftAtChristmas countdown on our social media channels all the way to Christmas Day. We love this time of year for spending dedicated quality time with our loved ones and helping those who need some support.

Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter for more festive fun!  If you want to join in the fun and share your festive top tips, use the #LiferaftAtChristmas hashtag!

School Holidays

With schools about to break up for the Christmas holidays, it cane be difficult to keep your children entertained, especially when they have additional needs. To bust the boredom, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you plan activities while your child is off school. Click our Resources link to find out more and if you are a good suggestion, we would love to hear from you at and add it to the list!

Helping Parent Carers

This year, we’ve really focused on supporting parent carers. It was this parent carer role that Nicola found herself in that inspired her to start Liferaft. Being a parent carer to her daughter Faith meant that Nicola really understood what was required in creating a tool to support fellow parent carers and their children.

Her experience led to the creation of Liferaft – a secure, online place to record health and medical data, as well as social, emotional and care information. All your children’s vital information is in one easily accessible place, so no matter where your child is, you can maintain continuity of information and share it with others.

To find out more, please visit our website:


MyLiferaft - Christmas Decorations


From all at Liferaft, we wish you and your family a

very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November is Cancer Awareness Month

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Logo

Movember Newsletter

Working together to support cancer awareness.  Did you know that this month marks not one, but five different types of cancer awareness?

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool

It’s Movember!

That means as well as seeing lots of extra facial hair on the front covers of celebrity magazines, website photo galleries and Instagram feeds we are bracing ourselves as TV presenters preen over their newly found beards and celebs sport ‘interesting’ Movember attempts like these.   Of course, it’s all for a good cause, and Movember isn’t the only thing going on this month when it comes to cancer awareness. Did you know that this month marks not one, but five different types of cancer awareness?

  • Lung Cancer Awareness
  • Carcinoid Cancer Awareness
  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
  • Stomach Cancer Awareness
  • Movember – Prostate Cancer

How Liferaft helps you:

Liferaft is here to further support you and anyone in your family who is battling cancer. Here are just 4 ways how our application can help make things a little easier:

  1. Use the Liferaft Trackers to keep a record of what medicines you take, and when they need to be re-ordered. You can even share that with a friend who can pick them up on your behalf.
  2. Share care and medical information to ensure everyone is up to date.
  3. Track your sleep patterns and optimise your rest routine.
  4. Access Liferaft Resources to find cancer support groups.

To get started with Liferaft, or to find out more, please visit our website:

Liferaft Christmas Present


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool


If you or someone you know would benefit from having a Liferaft Premium Account, then we have the perfect present!  We are offering our Premium Account FREE for 6 months when you sign-up using the code SANTA17 before 28th Feb 2018.  As a parent-carer, a professional carer or someone who lives with a long-term condition, Liferaft can help you.

Sign up now and you’ll qualify for 6 month’s FREE.  Use it today see how Liferaft could change your life.  Use code SANTA17 when registering.

Autism Hero Awards

The Liferaft team are delighted to sponsor the Parent/Carer Award at the Autism Hero Awards on Saturday, 11th November in London. The award ceremony, presented by the Anna Kennedy Online Charity, has been established to celebrate the excellence taking place in the world of Autism. We think the Autism Hero Awards are a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of those with and those supporting individuals with Autism.  We look forward to sharing the results of the Parent/Carer Award with you all!

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool

This Month’s Events

As well as the Autism Hero Awards that we’re proud to support, there are lots of brilliant free events happening across the UK this month.  Here are our top picks:

The Transition Event (Peterborough) – 15th November – The Transition Event is a dedicated conference and exhibition on the future of young adults with additional needs.

Kidz to Adultz (Manchester) – 16th November – One of the largest UK exhibitions dedicated to children and young adults with disabilities.

Communication Matters Workshop (Cardiff) – Learn all about the latest development in the world of AAC products.  There are product demonstrations from the UK’s leading suppliers of communication aids, equipment and software.

For more information about these events and more, visit our Events page on the Liferaft website.


The Liferaft Resources section has been created to give you access to a large selection of websites that offer relevant support and practical information, whether you’re looking for your local cinema to find out if they have wheelchair access, information on support groups on a wide range of topics or access to Government and NHS websites.

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Resources

Autism Hero Awards

Autism Hero Awards

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool

Liferaft were thrilled to be attending the Autism Hero Awards on Saturday 11th November.  Created by the Anna Kennedy Online Charity as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the excellence taking place in the world of Autism, this is a unique opportunity to celebrate and showcase accomplishments as well as enhancing Autism awareness and acceptance.

Our Sales & Marketing Director had a fantastic time representing Liferaft – not only was it a great honour for us to sponsor the Parent/Carer Award, it was truly inspiring to be in the company of all the winners and nominees.

The Liferaft team would love to congratulate Amanda West on winning the Parent/Carer award, and thank Anna Kennedy OBE for a memorable evening. 


MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool


For more pictures of the evening, click here.

For more information about Liferaft and the benefits it could bring you if you are a caring for someone with Autism, visit our website.

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool