Carers Week 2018

Carers Week

Did you know that 6.5 million people in the UK are carers?  That is 1 in every 8 adults.  Did you also know that every day, another 6,000 people take on a caring role?

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What is Carers Week?

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

The campaign is brought to life by thousands of individuals and organisations who come together to organise activities and events throughout the UK, drawing attention to just how important caring is.

The focus for this Carers Week is to help and support carers to stay Healthy and Connected as the impact on caring for someone should never be under estimated.  Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience, but sometimes carers find it challenging to take care of their own well-being whilst caring.  So this Carers Week is looking to share examples of good practice from supporters who have helped carers to stay Healthy and Connected.

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How can you help?

The team at Carers Week would like you to pledge your support for carers around the UK by recognising and celebrating the huge amount of work that carers do every day.  Whether you are an individual, an organisation, a carer, someone from the within the health care profession or even a politician, click here to shout about your pledge.

Carers Week and Liferaft

Liferaft are thrilled to be supporting Carers Week this year and are offering the first 100 carers that sign up for our Newsletter, a FREE Premium Account for a year.  Visit our website and type the keyword CarersWeek into the comments box.

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About Liferaft

Nicola, the founder of Liferaft, was a carer for her daughter Faith as well as being a wife and a working mother to two additional children.  She understands the world of being a carer and set about designing a tool to support you, your child or the person that you care for.

“I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew in one place. Nothing can ever really prepare you for caring for a loved one with additional needs.  However, there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with Liferaft – a tool which helps to manage all aspects of modern day living.”


Liferaft allows you to:

  • Be more in control
  • Avoid repeating yourself to different people in your care network
  • Find information quickly and easily to fill in forms to be prepared for meetings and assessments
  • Keep your care network up to date on what your loved one’s needs and progress
  • Worry less about what would happen if you weren’t there
  • Have more time for your own activities, and feel supported
  • Support your loved one to lead a fuller life and stay well
  • Manage the changes that happen throughout your loved one’s life


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