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Depending on your modus operandi, wellness might be a term you’ve just stumbled over, or one you have tattooed behind your left ear. According to a recent survey conducted by the UK-based mental health charity Mind, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem within this year and one in six report experiencing problems such as anxiety and depression in any given week. The idea of taking a break, stepping away from the thrum of everyday life is no longer an indulgence saved for retirement but a necessity.

Wellness is at the heart of the Liferaft application. We realized early in our journey how the idea of positively promoting wellbeing through our application can act as a useful resource and can encourage people to share tips, remedies, ideas and advice in a community that puts wellness first. We are always looking to promote and share content that we find inspirational. One such story that caught out attention was this inspirational teacher who runs a wellness Yoga retreat for cancer patients, having recently been diagnosed with cancer herself. She’s getting guidance and tips from them, too. The students have helped their teacher find her path through the challenges of being a cancer patient.

The class, she said, has helped her clear her body of cancer and keep her energy up https://www.ksl.com/?sid=45065052&nid=148

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