Carers Right Day 2017

Friday 24th November 2017 is Carers Rights Day. It’s a day organised by Carers UK to bring organisations throughout the UK together, to help carers in their local community know their rights. It’s also to bring awareness to the help and support they are entitled to.


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As part of their Carers Rights Day campaign, Carers UK have put together a list of resources that provide financial and practical information to support carers.

As our founder has been a parent carer, carers rights is a matter very close to our hearts here at Liferaft and we know we’re not alone. According to Carers UK, 6,000 people become carers every day. While it’s rewarding to look after the ones you love, the challenges faced by carers cannot be overlooked. Becoming a carer can also be extremely daunting; there’s the new information to take in, medical professionals to communicate with regularly, and sometimes difficult decisions to be made. It’s no surprise that carers neglect their own needs.

We previously shared tips on our blog on caring for yourself as part of World Mental Health Day. Many of these tips are valid for carers, too.

Like Carers UK, we know getting the right information at the right time can be difficult, especially when your full-time job is caring for others. However, as well as caring for others, it’s essential that carers make time for their own wellbeing, which includes knowing their rights and entitlements.

Carers Rights Day is designed to empower carers to know their rights and the support that is available to them. Did you know, for example, about The Care Act 2014?

As the NHS explains, this act “gives local authorities a responsibility to assess a carer’s need for support, where the carer appears to have such needs”.

The carer’s assessment gives carers the opportunity to discuss the support and services they need with their local council, taking into account how caring affects their life on a physical, mental and emotional level.

It’s also worth finding out if, as a carer, you are able to receive Carer’s Allowance. If you look after someone for more than 35 hours a week, you could be eligible to receive this benefit.

Alternatively, you may decide to return to work while still caring for a loved one. For some, this may provide a balance that helps the carers’ wellbeing. The NHS website lists your employment rights as a carer returning to work, including the possibility for flexible working and how unpaid leave works.

For more information on how to look after someone, the Carers UK guide, updated for 2018, is an invaluable resource. We also have a great list of parent carer resources on our website.

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When our founder, Nicola, set up Liferaft, not only was she a parent carer for her daughter Faith, but a wife and a working mother to two additional children. Drawing from own situation, Nicola created the Liferaft application to make carers’ lives easier. It’s a tool which helps to manage all aspects of modern day living, allowing you to keep vital information in one place and maintain continuity of information 24/7, wherever your loved one is. You find out more about how Liferaft can help carers here.

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