Self Care Week

Embracing Self Care for Life

Did you know that this week (13th – 19th November) is Self Care Week? It’s a national week that takes place every November to raise awareness for self care, ensuring that we are looking after our own health as best as we can.

The theme for this year’s Self Care Week is “Embracing Self Care for Life” – reinforcing the importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing now and as you get older.

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Working within the healthcare sector, this positive message is something the Liferaft team strongly supports.

Taking care of your own health and wellbeing – physical and mental – is so crucial, yet the pace of modern life means that we often overlook how we really feel. Understanding how to better take care of ourselves also helps us take better care of the people around us. This awareness also helps manage demand on health services.

There are many events taking place across England this week. You can find out more details on your local clinical commissioning group or local authority’s website.

As this week has been designed to raise awareness of self care, we thought it would be timely to share some empowering tips to consider for maintaining your health, and the health of family and friends:

Embrace healthy eating

A positive attitude to self care begins with a good, balanced diet. From cutting down on sugar, introducing more fibre into your diet, and getting the vitamins and minerals you need, the NHS Choices website has lots of invaluable advice. The Eatwell guide, also produced by the NHS, is a simple way of determining how much of what we eat overall should come from different food groups. Healthy eating is an essential self care practice, with benefits including: improved energy levels, tougher immune system, and it can even help reduce the chances of developing a range of health problems, such as diabetes.

The pharmacist can help

Many of us forget that we have the option to visit a pharmacist for medical advice rather than booking an appointment to see our GP, which can help you get better faster, with less strain on health services.

As NHS Choices states: “Lots of pharmacies are open until late and at weekends. You don’t need an appointment – you can just walk in. Your pharmacist can also talk to you confidentially without anything being noted in your medical records, which some people may prefer.”

Tracking your health effectively

The main aim of Self Care Week is to support the idea of keeping on top of your self care routine. When we designed the Liferaft application, we knew it was key for both carers and individuals themselves to have the ability to track their health in a safe, secure manner.

With Liferaft, you can capture important information such as medical appointments, dietary requirements, mental health and lifestyle updates. It’s also a great motivational tool, as you can add your goals and track your progress against them. Feel empowered by incorporating Liferaft into your own care plan, or within the support system for the person you care for.

If you think that Liferaft could support you and your family then sign up for a FREE account today.

Self Care Week is a great initiative to draw attention to looking after yourself, but remember that embracing self care is something that should be taking seriously every day of the year.

You can get involved in Self Care Week by tweeting to @SelfCareForum, using the hashtags #selfcareweek and #selfcareforlife.

You can find out more about the benefits of Liferaft at our website,

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