It’s Movember!

# Grow with gratitude

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It’s Movember! That means as well as seeing lots of extra facial hair on the front covers of celebrity magazines, website photo galleries and Instagram feeds we are bracing ourselves for lots of cringing as TV presenters preen over their newly found beards and celebs sport ‘interesting’ Movember attempts like these.

Here at Liferaft, we know that it can be tough during low periods to think about what you are thankful for, studies show there are physical and mental health benefits that come with practising gratitude. Some of these include decreased anxietyimproved sleep, reduced depression and stress relief.

The good news is, practising gratitude is simple and doesn’t require too much time. According to the NHS, positive benefits can be found just from writing. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology asked people to keep a weekly gratitude journal for nine weeks. Those who kept the journal reported an increased sense well-being, better health, increased exercise, a better outlook on life as well as feeling more optimistic.

Our Movember Challenge!

Seeing as showing gratitude does us so much good – our ‘Movember’ challenge is this:

Write down at least one thing each week that you are grateful for, and why. You can dedicate a notebook to your thoughts or simply jot down your answers in your phone’s note-taking app, or why not try our very own Liferaft platform?

If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, we’ll be sending out a weekly guided prompt on social media every week to help you along, all using the tag #growwithgratitude

Here are this month’s prompts:

  • Week 1: Select three things that happened in October that you are grateful for.
  • Week 2: Name three people who have improved your life in a meaningful way.
  • Week 3: Pick three experiences you’ve had over the past year that you are grateful for.
  • Week 4: What are some ways you’ve grown from this time last year?

Will you be getting involved with #growwithgratitude this month?

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MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool