August Newsletter

Taking pride in our health & social care communities

This month, there were 100-plus events over the Pride fortnight celebrating diversity in all its forms: from disabilities to relationships, from challenges to achievements.  There is an army of volunteers behind the scenes making this all happen, putting paid to those people who might still think ‘community spirit’ has become a thing of the past

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Difference

Liferaft is here to support individuals and communities of caregivers – all year round – by removing the burden of repetitive form-filling and making it easy for you to track, monitor and securely share your own information or manage the health, social and care needs of someone you care for.

Liferaft is a tool everyone can benefit from using.

Building the Liferaft application was just the start – building a community around it is something we are now focussed on, so why not LIKE our Facebook page, get reading our new blog or give us a shout on twitter and be part of the conversation.

Sign up today for a FREE 30-day trial of the full Liferaft Premium Account and start using it today to see how Liferaft could change your life.

Is your child moving starting Primary school?  Moving up to Secondary School?  Or on to further education?

MyLiferaft - Caring Support Tool - Back To School

If you’ve read the About Us section on the Liferaft website, you will see that several of our team are parents and like you, are spending the last few weeks of the precious summer holidays having their children’s feet measured for new school shoes, hunting down that elusive last piece of uniform and hurriedly filling pencil cases and rucksacks.

In the Liferaft team, our children are all at different stages within the education system, but we still sit over a cup of coffee having the same worries!

All these worries can be multiplied if your child has special educational needs (SEN) or a long-term condition.  As parents, we want to support them the best way we can, so if you think that our system could support you and your family, not only in starting or transitioning through school, but in managing other aspects of your life, then try Liferaft for FREE!

Did you know?

Liferaft is the only all-in-one tool that combines information about health and social needs.  Some of the main features include:

  • About Me – input your information including: health status and needs, care needs, daily routines and preferences (likes/dislikes etc.)
  • Contacts – import all of your valuable contacts from your care circle, friends and family
  • Tracking – where everything from blood pressure to mood levels can be added and updated as often as you need
  • Journal – your own diary which can include pictures, which you can choose to share with family members and others
  • Reports – allow you to quickly print off, or directly and securely share information to keep carers updated on any changes in your health, care or social needs
  • Resources – a directory of organisations that may be able to provide support or advice to you, your family and other carers

Feedback or Questions

We love to receive your feedback on all aspects of your experience of using Liferaft, be it sign up, support material or use of the product.  Even just to say ‘hello’, we’re a really friendly team!